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september 2011

the road ahead

Aaron Barr reports in Media Daily, "According to research company Strategy Analytics, 13% of U.S. households will participate in bundled offerings that include fixed voice, Internet, television and mobile voice services by 2016." That's a "fourfold increase over the current levels, says Ben Piper, director of Multiplay Market Dynamics for Strategy Analytics. . . . Barbara Hudson writes in the LinuxInsider (The Death of The Smart Phone) "Let's go 20 Is Google watching and tracking your every move?years in the future. Pretty much every electronic device can interact with your video SPEKZ, which can be anything from a pair of plain-jane NokiaSofts to the latest cool shades from Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL). Cars, streetlight surveillance cams, water meters, televisions, and even your clock radio are all talking to each other -- and your SPEKZ' are piggybacking on their data streams. There's not a single laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet computer in sight."

John Harris writes of Google World Domination in the U. K's Guardian Newspaper, "If you have ever raged against the stranglehold practised by Rupert Murdoch, bear one thing in mind: Google's power now threatens to make him look like a village newsagent. . . . . "Google has a shot not at control of the means to access information, but the information itself. Potentially all information, which is something worth panicking about."

This confluence of both the means of obtaining information and the information made available worries Eli Pariser in an Op-Ed piece for the New York Times: When The Internet Thinks It Knows You. He writes: "By now, we're familiar with ads that follow us around online based on our recent clicks on commercial Web sites. But increasingly, and nearly invisibly, our searches for information are being personalized too. Two people who each search on Google for "Egypt" may get significantly different results, based on their past clicks. Both Yahoo News and Google News make adjustments to their home pages for each individual visitor. And just last month, this technology began making inroads on the Web sites of newspapers like The Washington Post and The New York Times.

"All of this is fairly harmless when information about consumer products is filtered into and out of your personal universe. But when personalization affects not just what you buy but how you think, different issues arise. Democracy depends on the citizen's ability to engage with multiple viewpoints; the Internet limits such engagement when it offers up only information that reflects your already established point of view. While it's sometimes convenient to see only what you want to see, it's critical at other times that you see things that you don't."

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passing scene

Journalism's "silly season" of lazy hazy "dog days" brings less news and leaves more time and space to be filled with quirks, quacks and quiddities:

The new no battery mechanical system being developed in England, the Flybrid, successfully powered this race car at LeMans this year.

The Detroit Bureau tells of "a British-designed ‘flybrid'" that stores energy in a mechanical flywheel rather than a complex - - and far more costly - - battery system." . . . Pure Energy carried news of "The Astounding Potential of Plasmic Power in PlasmERG Engine." It says the manufacturer's technology offers a solution to the energy crisis, a way to end the use of fossil fuels, and the potential to jump start a new technological age -- among other benefits! Engines utilizing the "Plasmic Transition Process" are unique in many ways, and offer many advantages over internal combustion engines, electric motors, and turbines. Their capabilities are simply light years beyond any current "mainstream" technology." The site also has news of cold fusion and numerous pure energy developments. . . . A little more down to earth is a flying car also reported by The Detroit Bureau. This one's credibility quotient is up because it is being developed by Burt Rutan, the man who built the Voyager the first plane to fly around the world without stopping or refueling and whose suborbital SpaceShipOne captured the $10 million Ansari X-Prfize.

And totally prosaic, two parades. Hybrid owners were expected to gather in Madison, Wis. in July for the world's longest parade of hybrid cars. An event "rushing the previous Guinness World Record™ for longest hybrid vehicle parade—auto enthusiasts in Belgium set the record in 2010 with a 140 car parade. True to form, no follow up and AWcom remains in the dark. . . .A parade of 298 Cadillacs did set a new world's record according to The Detroit News when they gathered in Barton, Vt., hometown of the make's founder, Henry M. Leland. Led by Leland descendents in a pink convertible Caddy, the rolling tribute shattered the previous record of 102 cars set in the Netherlands in 2002 – where they and their neighbors obviously have time on their hands.

Jay-Z and Kanye West take a blow torch to this Maybach.

A Maybach car was power sawn, blow torched and reduced to a rolling wreck without doors or roof - for the sake of an MTV Video by a couple of hip hop moguls. The cheapest model of the German luxury car sells for about $375,000. They claim it will be auctioned off for charity. Experts estimate it will take at least $150,000 for just a fully reinforced frame. . . . AWCom was also treated to a photo of ten unidentified people in a row, one of whom was Dept. of Energy Secretary Steven Chu cutting a ribbon and what looks like popping champagne at the opening of a lithium battery separator plant in North Carolina. And, there were the thieves who used a Smart phone to unlock a car and steal it and the not so surprising survey finding that the thrill wears off after you drive a luxury car for a while. Recent reports put advertising at $22 billion the #2 largest ad category in the U.S. but the dollars are rapidly forsaking print for digital outlets. One reason is the decline in dealerships. Last, Jack Baruth added a little heat to the summer by asking what the sales success of the Volkswagen Jetta says about auto journalism when a number of well-known outlets panned it.

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autowriters spotlight

"Eutrapelia"* is the best single word to describe freelance auto writer John Pearley Huffman. But who would know? Born in San Francisco and raised in Santa Barbara. Calif., he did not take the stage out of town as did his Hollywood actor brother Linus and Tony-Award winning sister Cady. Instead, he opted for a career in what he terms the sub-subculture of auto writing.

It was a bright and sunny day when personable young John Pearley Huffman stopped by on his quest nearly 25 years ago to solve the vexing conundrum facing most new job hunters: work needed to get experience but experience needed to get work. He found himself in this situation after deciding his graduate classes in communication studies were worthless and that his days in marketing at Kinko's held the prospect of copying one another into eternity.

Car and Pearley - John Pearly Huffman

Camera shy John Pearley Huffman provided this photo of his parody that launched his career in auto writing.

He solved that problem a few months later by recognizing that he wasn't so much "a car guy" as he was "a car magazine guy." He had been perusing them since he was six-years-old and their editors and columnists shaped and inspired his writing. He recalls, "When I was a kid, the editors and writers I thought were great were David E. Davis, Jean Shepherd and Brock Yates at Car and Driver. Terry Cook and Rick Voegelin at Car Craft and Hot Rod. Of those, the only one I've met is Rick Voegelin. You could add to those Henry Manney III, Gordon Baxter, Warren Weith, Rob Walker, LJK Setright, Pat Ganahl, Jon Asher and Gray Baskerville and only scratch the surface of the writers I grew up worshipping. I loved car magazines long before I loved cars."

With that self-awareness and the desktop publishing skills he absorbed at Kinko's, John Pearley created a parody of Car and Driver Magazine titled Car and Pearley. He sent it and his resume to 80 publications and other possible employers. With 30 positive responses and four firm job offers, John Pearley says, "I think it may have been the most successful resume helper since the dawn of time. Since I had no experience whatsoever that was relevant to the jobs I was seeking." Car and Driver ran a portion of the parody in the magazine as, "Pilgrimage To Maranello." It can be found on its web site today at Car and Driver.

Not that his technical knowledge of cars is a blank sheet. His first freelance piece for Motor Trend resulted from a 1993 conversation with two GM engineers working on the next Corvette – then still three years down the road. When he ventured that it ought to have a. Lotus-like backbone frame and rear-mounted transmission they confirmed it would. John Pearley told Motor Trend editor Jeff Karr that he had a scoop. Karr agreed, and with the help of illustrator Duane Kuchar, Huffman produced the story of what the next Corvette would be in one day and just made the issue going to press.

Getting that ready access and acceptance on his first try reflects one of John Pearley's maxims for freelance success: ‘Work with people you like to talk with." While working at Car Craft, one of the four firm job offers he got from his resume/parody mailing, his outgoing personality made him known, liked and sometimes employed to provide content for other Petersen auto titles in the building. And at press gatherings it helped him meet and learn from pros who guided, mentored, hired and referred him for freelance work. He salutes those who helped him survive in auto writing. At the risk of omitting more than one valued friends he cites: C. Van Tune, Lee Kelley, Don Sherman, Steven Cole Smith, Richard Chang (who once threw him off Super Street Magazine, but still counted as a friend). He also lists editors and contacts at the many outlets that use his work today. Which leads to another Huffman maxim: "Don't be afraid to say yes." He explains. "Guys who only want to write road tests spend 40 percent of their time chasing test cars to write about. That's a quick way to go broke. Be willing and able to write about what an editor is looking for."

"The best thing about my job is that I get to work with people I really like. And we don't spend so much time together that they get sick of me.

"And I wouldn't expect any of them to hire me again tomorrow if I weren't turning in stuff that was solid, useable and delivered with some timeliness.'

*Eutrapelia- wit, ease and urbanity of conversation - Foyle's Further Philavery 2008

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regional news

New England Ezra Dyer has departed New England for warmer climes and perhaps other incentives and therefore resigned his post as president of NEMPA. Vice President Keith Griffin moved up and AAA's John Paul agreed to come aboard as vice president. The organization will celebrate its 25th Anniversary in 2012. Dyer continues to serve the same outlets and his email contact remains the same. Instead of a September meeting, press members were invited to a Nissan product presentation on the 13th at the Museum of Transportation.

New York – Tickets to IMPA's Test Days September 22 and 23 are on sale for $95 for members and guests. The event has switched from Pocono to the Monticello Motor Club in the Catskill Mountains which will afford convenient off-road testing on Day One as well as scenic touring opportunities. IMPA's annual banquet will be held that evening at the Honor's Haven Resort and Spa. The dinner will celebrate IMPA's 50th birthday. Day Two will focus on testing at the Motor Club. Contact Kermish-Geylin Public Relations to register, One-hour Volunteers are needed at various venues throughout the day. Contact Paul Licata.

Washington D.C. - Honeywell is bringing a number of turbocharged cars for WAPA members to drive following the company's update and overview of turbocharging technology at the WAPA luncheon Sep. 14.

Florida - The Audi R8 Spyder was named the best convertible in the inaugural "Topless In Miami" competition staged by SAMA in late June. 15 different manufacturers entered a total of 19 vehicles in the competition and 40 SAMA members participated in the ride'n drive competition. In addition to the overall award, the best luxury, family, sports car and small convertibles were recognized:

SAMA Presents Topless In Miami Awards

Pictured (l-r) are SAMA officials Ron Beasley and Paul Borden with Audi regional communications director Andrew Lippman, Fiat USA President Laura Soave, Nissan-Infiniti regional communications director Steve Parrett, General Motors regional communications director Araba Dowell, SAMA Treasurer Marcello Serrato and SAMA Vice President Jaime Florez.

TexasTAWA memberships for 2012 will be free to those registering and attending the annual Texas Truck Rodeo in San Antonio, October 20 – 22. Association president Mike Herzing says excellent rates negotiated at the Marriott Rivercenter headquarters hotel and adjourning Saturday afternoon makes the one-time offer possible.

California – "Size Doesn't Always Matter "is the latest exhibit at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles. It takes museum visitors on a 90-vehicle chronological tour of miniscule motoring development from the mid-1910s to the alternative power vehicles of today. Over 90 vehicles will be on display in this colorful and quirky exhibit of miniscule motoring. It runs through May 28, 2012. . . .MPG has negotiated free admission to the Petersen and to the Wally Parks NHRA Museum for its members as well as a 20% discount at LAX and many other airports around the U.S. for those of its members who join the MPG Spot Club Exec program with The Parking Spot. . . . A 20-member jury panel has been selected for the first-ever Motor Press Guild Vehicle of the Year (VOTY) award program. The award will recognize the most significant new vehicle introduced in the calendar year as judged by the Motor Press Guild journalist members and should be considered overall best in its particular class. The VOTY winner will be announced at the Los Angeles International Auto Show as a prelude to the annual keynote speech.


awards honors and events

Lindsay Brooke's recount of the development of the Chevrolet Volt for the SAE's Vehicle Electrification web site won the "Best of the Internet" award at The 20th Annual International Automotive Media Awards.

The deadline passed for nominating books for this year's Dean Batchelor Awards (judges need time to read them). But the Articles, Audio/visual (TV, radio, video or film) and Photography competitions are open until Sept. 15. Any automotive journalistic work in these categories may be nominated but must be entered by an MPG member. Go to  for complete information.

SEMA's most recent inductees into its Hall of Fame are Gray Baskerville, Art Chrisman, Chris Economaki and John Towle. . . . Red Bull Racing Technical Director Adrian Newey was presented England's Motorsport Industry Association's most prestigious personal award by Damon Hill during MIA's annual Summer Reception at the House of Lords. He is the only designer to win the Formula One Constructors Championship with three different F1 teams. His designs also have won IMSA GTP races and the Indianapolis 500.

Media representatives may register at no charge for the third annual Business of Plugging In, an electric vehicle conference in Dearborn, Mich. October 11-13. Sponsored by the Center For Auto Research, the three-day event will gather representatives from utilities, automotive manufacturers and suppliers, investors, regulators, to discuss global strategy for the long-term growth and continued success of the market. There will be ride ‘n drives of the newest plug-in vehicles.

16th Annual Urban Wheel Awards

Decisive Media's 16th Annual Urban Wheel Awards will honor William Perkins, Chairman of the 2012 North American Autoshow.

The hottest vehicle platforms on display during the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nev., Nov. 1-3 will be presented with the coveted SEMA Award in four categories: Hottest Car, Hottest Truck, Hottest 4x4-SUV, and – for the first time – Hottest Sport Compact. . . Decisive Media won Gold Ink Awards for its Decisive and Decisive Latino magazines in the annual competition conducted by Printing Impressions Magazine. Winners were selected from more than 1,000 entries in 46 different categories of print communications.

Ford has the most ideal vehicles and Porsche is the ideal brand as determined in a unique survey responded to by 72,000 acquirers of new 2011 model year cars and trucks. Conducted by research and consulting firm Auto Pacific, the survey identifies "the vehicles that owners want to change the least. In other words, the vehicles that already match their owner's demands."

In the quest to find the next A-list automobile, this year's edition of the LA Auto Show Design Challenge will focus on designing Hollywood's hottest new movie car. For the second year in a row, participating design studios from not only the U.S., but also Germany and Japan, will compete against one another to showcase their talents. The winner will be announced Nov.17.


new roads

Two subscribers have written to tell of new roads they have taken. Here are excerpts from each announcement.

The Weekend Drive

Vince Bodiford: "I am delighted to officially announce that The Weekend Drive has relocated from Scottsdale, Arizona to Seal Beach, California. . . . I'm also delighted to announce that I am now the Publisher of Sun Newspapers, Inc., the leading community newspaper in Seal Beach, including companion newspapers serving Leisure World, and the region's top community digital news outlet - . This newspaper group is part of a larger group of Southern California Community Newspapers.. . . I am now developing an automotive section to be shared by the entire group of newspapers, which will also feature my regular new car reviews under both The Weekend Drive brand and our all-new weekly new car feature, "California Driver." The print and digital outlets partnership will deliver a regular weekly blended print/digital audience of over one million households in Southern California .

The Virtual Driver

Chris Sawyer " . . . on July 8, 2011, a new blogging platform, The Virtual Driver went live. (TVD) is an automotive web site that doesn't take itself too seriously, but strives to get the story right. One that promises an eclectic mix of opinion, analysis, technology and vehicle reviews, as well as lifestyle items of interest to the motoring public. Missing (is) breaking news, driven as it is by speed and not thought. That's because we at TVD would rather get the story right or impart the knowledge that comes from spending time with a vehicle or product. Getting there first isn't the goal. Doing the job right is.

TVD is concerned by the transition from "hands-free" to "hands-off" as technology expands, and will explain any implications for expanding or diminishing the driving experience. The opinion and analysis pages will be used to look at trends, and tell you what we think is happening in the industry, motor sport and other areas of interest. In Tirades, Al Vinikour dips into the unending depths of his vitriol to excoriate those people and things that drive the modern motorist around the bend.

With their acquisition by Hearst, Road & Track and Car and Driver are entering social commerce by offering group discount services to their readers. They also have a new email formula for their staffs: . . . . And Kelley Blue Book is opening up its to aftermarket advertisers with an emphasis on DIYs who frequent the site.


pit notes

American drivers are cutting back on the miles they drive but they are neither slowing down nor lightening up in response to spiking gas prices, according to AutoPacific. The California–based automotive marketing research and product-consulting firm found that only 36% of drivers surveyed were taking their foot off the gas to counter the costs of fuel (up $1.00 per gal. July- to -July). And, the same survey, found little change in responders next-car intentions with SUVs, Crossovers and Pickup trucks holding their own year-to-year. For more information on Auto Pacific's periodic surveys, go to or

Assouline: The Impossible Collection of Cars

The Impossible Collection Of Cars

"Taking It To The Next Level" is a just-out biography of motorcycle racing star Ken Spies from Bull Publishing. Contact: $29.95, 186 photos. . . . . Also newly available from Bull are two books with CDs published in Germany: Team Lotus in Formula One with 315 photos and two CDs and Porsche Sounds with 300 photos and three CDs. The Lotus book is $75.00 and the Porsche coffee-table-er, $59.95. . . . For serious book money, there's The Impossible Collection of Cars, published by Assouline in collaboration with Dan Neil who wrote the captions and introductory essay.  Price: $650.00.To help you decide, Brett Berk provides a laudatory review of the book in the current issue if Vanity Fair.

The NASCAR Hall of Fame 2011 class of inductees featured multi-time championship drivers David Pearson, Ned Jarrett and the late Lee Petty, former champion Bobby Allison and championship-winning team owner Bud Moore. Cash, as in greenbacks would be another welcome induction. The Hall reported a $1.42 million operating loss through June since opening in May 2010. The Hall is owned and operated by the city of Charleston, N.C. under license from NASCAR. . . . Meanwhile, the International Motorsports Hall of Fame at Talladega Superspeedway is winnowing a list of 20 nominees for its Class of 2012. Those selected will be announced in the fall and inducted in May. . . . Still another hall of fame, the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America, inducted its 2011 class in August: Donnie Allison, Roger McCluskey, Bruce Penhall, Ed McCulloch, Augie Pabst and Ed Winfield.

Like the old-time "advance man" who plastered the town with posters and flyers promoting a competition, contest, or other event, modern-day PR men too often leave the journalist hanging when it comes to the results.

Cases in point: the World Race 2011 replicating the 1908 race around the world. Slated to end in Paris, July 21. Did we miss it? Or the Skills USA Championships in Kansas City (MO. Or KA.) in June. Or will it be the Sept. 18 student competition at the Palos Verdes Concours d'Elegance to be the fastest to correctly disassemble and reassemble a small-block Chevy engine? Or The 4th Annual New York Motorexpo in Lower Manhattan Sept. 18 to 23. It promises to be "an (sic) vehicular extravaganza, " "fantastic" "the best ever" with "no tickets and no lines." And will offer "unparalleled access to vehicles from many of the world's top manufacturers with the chance to get behind the wheel and test several of the very latest models."

AWCom's money is on the North American Mille Miglia Tribute, completed in August but not likely to be heard from again until it is time to attract cars for the next one. (Not to be confused with the  21 year old, non-profit California Mille).

It has been a wait for 88-year-old Carroll Shelby but his Shelby Cobra will be the featured marque at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion August 17 -19, 2012.

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lane changes
James Bell, Consumer Affairs for GM

James Bell

James Bell, most recently with Kelley Blue Book, is now head of Consumer Affairs for General Motors. The move east made it necessary for Bell to relinquish his post as president of the L.A.-based Motor Press Guild. (Laura Burstein succeeded him). With GM, Bell "will provide expertise on issues facing automotive consumers. He will engage in rapid response news opportunities, regional media events, and auto shows. James will also leverage his experience as a blogger and commentator to represent GM and its brands on Facebook, Twitter, and other outlets," according to GM spokeswoman Lori Arpin. Other new GM PR assignments: Jay Cooney, returns from GM Korea to direct Strategic Media Management and News Operation and Ryndee Carney will manage the company's Business Media Strategy. She will be the primary contact for business media interviews.

Frank Williams, former managing editor of The Truth About Cars, is currently working as an industry consultant and technology analyst for a government contractor in the DC area but is available for freelance editorial assignments and reviews. He can be reached in Acworth, Ga., at 678-200-2965 or: . . .  Joanna Firestone has moved from Auto Editor to Business Editor at The Detroit News. She can be reached at:  No replacement for her previous post has been named at this writing. She succeeds Susan Carney who recently joined Burson Marsteller PR Agency. . . . Vince Bodiford, publisher of The Weekend Drive, has moved from Arizona to Seal Beach, CA in order to take on expanded editing/publishing opportunities (See New Roads for more details). His new cell phone Number is: 714-614-6790. Email: Snail mail goes to The Weekenddrive, P.O. Box 700, Seal Beach, CA, 90740.

Candace Beeke has replaced business editor Bill Schaddewald, retired, at the Houston Business Journal. Her email is . . . Bill Wandner, a contributing editor for LACAR has a new email: . . . Also with a new email is El Heraldo News editor Francisco Rayo. It is: Phone is 214-827-9700x102. . . . Carla Torres has been replaced by Adam Yanelli as managing editor and auto contact at The Baytown (TX) Sun. Email: . . . Art Nadler replaces Kristy Totten as Drive editor at The Las Vegas Review Journal. Email:

Dennis Buterbaugh has departed WHTM-TV in Harrisburg, PA and the station no longer has an automotive beat. . . . . Bill Enfield has departed the Sacramento Bee and it, too, has no one covering autos. . . . Likewise The Community Times Dispatch in Waterboro, SC with the departure of Melissa Buckner. However they suggested auto material be sent to: . . .Long-time Newark Star Ledger auto contact Joe Perone left the paper to work for Delta Airlines. Fortunately, Felipe Cabrera stepped in. Email: . . . Stephanie Steward stepped up when Kevin Tomlinson stepped out at The Desert Sun in Palm Springs, CA. Email her at:


- 30-

Glenn Camppbell, Owner, Publisher

Glenn F. Campbell

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ARPALogo: Ameican Racing Press Association

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Western Automotive Journalists, San Francisco -, David Ray


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IMPA will be celebrating its 50th birthday (1961-2011) at the annual Test Days dinner on Sept. 21 at Honors Haven in Ellenville NY. IMPA is the nation's original motor press association and we're kind of proud we've reached the big 5-0 in good shape. Test Days (another original event, starting its 41st year) is being moved from Pocono Raceway to the Monticello Motor Club facility, Monticello, NY for both days (Sept. 21, 22) of the program. We'll have all-new off-road courses created by the team from Land Rover, and a new track to drive, as well as routes on public roads. Driving privileges are for members only, so if you want to attend, go to the website (, click on joining IMPA and send in your application pronto.

The birthday will include special take-home commemoratives and special focus by a number of car companies, such as Chevy for its 100th birthday and Volkswagen for its return to U.S. production.

And our co-founder, Karl Ludvigsen, a member for all these years, will be crossing the pond to attend.

As usual, should be fun, probably even more this year.

Paul Weissler


Correction: 06-2011 Newsletter

"Google To Tag Content Creators; Get Paid With Bingo Games?"


To your credit, Glenn!

Thank you ... now and always,




I think this is really funny and I think you know where I stand in this matter.

Andrew Frankl


Dear Glenn:

Well, I guess the summer heat has gotten to some people! Thanks for your great newsletter and the information that you have been sending out. Have a wonderful time off and I look forward to reading your words again - when you return.

Susann Miller
M&M Publishing


You are a class act, Mr. Campbell. I really enjoy your newsletter and can appreciate the amount of work it takes to publish. Have a wonderful summer respite!

Cliff Fewel
AutoCouple and Pinal Ways Magazine


Hello Glenn,

A quick message with an observation and encouragement here to you from one of your appreciative friends and a grateful reader.

Just reviewed the 'correction' email regarding the development and was impressed with the successful neutral/professional tone of your response. 

It seems to me that everybody has benefited through this by: (1) the initial story referencing '' that brought the perception of how may be perceived by many in the journalism field; (2) significance of readership regarding the content as notable, as well as the power and impact of the immediate (Internet) feedback process; and (3) value and efficiency of interactive journalism that is afforded by the speed of the correction (including the clarification points and expanded information) that has been accomplished through the community.

It is neat to see how something that could start with potentially emotional expressions and somewhat opinionated views can have a positive ending (like a discussion forum working at best). Now I really do know a lot more 'about' - and welcomed learning more this way.

Hope this makes sense to you - if only as a 'Hello Glenn!' from out here in your field of colleagues.

Best to you on the journey,



It was great of Glenn to send out an email today correcting this mistake. It showed a lot of integrity on his part, especially from one of those who was offended by the original statement.

Keith Griffin
About.Com Guide to Used Cars*

*And I don't think there is a writer alive who would write for free about used cars as a vanity project.

Keith Griffin


"Is A Car A Mobile Device?"

Dave Strickland, you imbecile. To quote him "A car is not a mobile device... etc" Idiot. Car is a nickname for AUTOMOBILE, yes, mobile is part of the name of the DEVICE you reference. Moron.

Distraction? Yes, as if everything that you move past, along, in front and behind of isn't distracting you from every other thing you have to be aware of in passing along. Life is full of distractions, like kids in the backseat, drinking a soft drink while driving, changing the radio station, etc.

Jesse Bowers


"Time For An Evening News Product?"

I think Alan Mutter's on to something here. An evening digest of the day's news delivered on a mobile platform makes tons of sense.

Michael Hagerty


Retrofocals - new, vintage, sunglasses, readers and more.

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