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the road ahead

"We want to make Google the third half of your brain." -
Sergey Brin, Google’s Co-founder. –NY Times Sept. 9, 2010

The Road Ahead: CGI Waves
CGI Waves Photo by: Gerard

Illogical as it sounds, Brin’s quip, prompted by the introduction of a new nearly-intuitive Google app that approaches search as fast as the brain can think, may someday come true. Research has shown, “When people keep their brains busy with digital input, they are forfeiting down time that could allow them to better learn and remember information or come up with new ideas,” Matt Richtel reports in another NY Times piece. Instead, as Kit Yarrow in her book “Generation BuY," notes, the constantly connected millennials, rely on Google and Wikipedia to answer their questions. This is going to become even easier to do with a portion of our “brains” floating above us waiting to be asked.

"Cloud computing," as defined by the Center For Media Research, "is the usage of remote server-based, rather than desktop-based, tools and information. Software and data is virtually stored on the Internet, meaning computer users do not need to download any software or maintain a physical database to store information. That, thanks to the development of mobile devices, will be the future of the internet according to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project and Elon University's Imagining the Internet Center. A solid majority of technology experts and the general public participating in the survey expect cloud computing will mostly replace desktop computing by 2020,” the Center for Media Research reports.

Steve Lohr, writing for The New York Times on the interaction of people and evolving media technology (Now Playing: The Night of The Living Tech), quotes Nicholas Negroponte, founder of the M.I.T. Media Lab: ‘I love my iPad but my ability to read any long-form narrative has more or less disappeared, as I am constantly tempted to check my e-mail, look up words or click through.”

For more on the effects of new media technology, Gavin O’Malley, in another MediaPost piece, offers excerpts from a new book by Nicholas Carr, “The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains.” Among them: “People who read hypertext comprehend and learn less…than those who read the same material in printed form. …The more links in a piece of writing, the bigger the hit to our comprehension.” ... “I examine the hyperlink as just one element among many — including multimedia, interruptions, multitasking, jerky eye movements, divided attention, extraneous decision making, even social anxiety — that tend to promote hurried, distracted, and superficial thinking online.”  And lastly, “To understand the effects of the Web on our minds, you have to consider the cumulative effects of all these features rather than just the effects of any one individually.”

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autowriters spotlight Autowriters Spotlight: Micheline 'Micki' Maynard

Micheline 'Micki' Maynard

A lane change that deserves the Autowriters Spotlight is the one executed by Micheline “Micki” Maynard. Having achieved distinction as a journalist, an author and in academia, she now turns to an important and needed role in public service.

She is the Senior Editor of “Changing Gears: Reinventing The Manufacturing Belt.” that will go on air September 20. It is a project of the Upper Midwest Local Journalism Center, a new editorial collaboration led by WBEZ in Chicago in partnership with Michigan Radio and Ideastream in Cleveland. It’s funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) to report on a major developing story–the transformation of the Upper Midwest’s industrial-based economy to a post-manufacturing one. This transition is a turning point in the American economy with economic, social, environmental and cultural implications.

Maynard leads a team of three reporters and a social engagement editor in the production of long form radio feature reports, programs for radio and television, web content and community outreach. The project also will engage the citizens of the region in discussions on the area’s future.

She is exceptionally well qualified for this new assignment, having covered the auto industry for years, first for United Press International in Detroit and later as the Detroit- based business correspondent covering the industry for The New York Times. During that time she authored four books, including the acclaimed “The End of Detroit” published in 2003 that foresaw the collapse of Detroit carmakers. Her most recent book,” “The Selling of the American Economy: How Foreign Companies Are Remaking the American Dream” came out in 2009. Both titles were published by Random House. Maynard holds degrees from Michigan State University and Columbia University and is an adjunct faculty member at the Ross School of Business at Michigan. She also has taught at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Her staff at Changing Gears includes Dan Bobkoff and George Nemeth in Cleveland, Niala Boodhoo in Chicago and Kate Davidson in Ann Arbor. She describes them as a “skilled energetic team filled with ideas for fresh ways to look at this critical subject.”

Comments: Micheline 'Micki' Maynard - Autowriters Spotlight


passing scene has redesigned its web page for easier reading but it didn’t abandon its Sexy Car Buyers Guide. The 15th annual survey, writes RTM editor-in-chief Courtney Caldwell, again recognizes the Mustang and Corvette (among eight top finishers) for “their super sexy status, staying power and penetrating performance.” (Really).  . . . Also playing to the ladies is AutoTex Pink, “a woman-owned and created company that is among the nation’s leading global, suppliers of windshield wipers.” The company is donating 10 percent of its proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, during October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (To AWCom’s best determination, the blades are not pink.) . . .Less stereotypical is semi-annual ranking of auto brands by female consumers who did business or browsed at an auto dealership. Mercedes came out on top in all three categories: Purchasing, Browsing and Service.

John Lamm, chief perpetrator of the 24 Hours of LeMons explained the series naming of an official charity: “Speedway Children's Charities is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that helps sick, disadvantaged, and at-risk kids all over America. The 24 Hours of LeMons is a motley assortment of morons who race sick, disadvantaged, and at-risk $500 crapcans all over America.” The wretched Concours d’ LeMons that caused car-lovers to retch during August’s Monterey Weekend, repeats its act Sept. 18 during the Watkins Glen Grand Prix Festival. The excuse for their presence, apparently, is, “if they weren’t there we wouldn’t be needed.”

Noted for dissing its mainstream competitors for cosseting carmakers, The Truth About Cars, in a piece playing worldwide on the Internet, chastised for its car testing competence ( . . . Rental car company Zipcar is challenging people to give up their car for 30 days and then write about their experience on Twitter and other social media. The idea, apparently, is to spread awareness of the advantages of not owning a car but having one available anywhere at any time through membership in ZipCar.

For Black Web 2.0, Rasheen writes in The Pulse of The Nation According to Twitter: “A group of researchers from Northeastern University and Harvard University have analyzed the sentiment of 300 million tweets over a period of 3 years. This is enough data to give us a pretty accurate picture of how Americans are feeling as they tweet throughout the day and week. This tweet data was then compared to the Affective Norms for English Words (ANEW), which provides a set of normative emotional ratings for a large number of words in the English language." They also mashed up that data with information from the U.S. Census Bureau, the Google Maps API and more. What they ended up with is a visualization showing our nation’s moods over time. "Only according to Twitter, of course.”

Yahoo has published "The Ultimate Sourcebook for Writing, Editing, and Creating Content for the Digital World". The guide deals with grammar and punctuation, site accessibility, minimizing legal risk, writing for an international audience, and improving search rank. Check for more information.

Comments: Passing Scene

road signs

A 1,000 pound car is the Los Angeles Auto Show Challenge this year for auto designers from three nations. Design studios from General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz Germany (Smart), Mercedes Benz Japan (Maybach), Mercedes-Benz U.S., Nissan, Toyota and Volvo will display their use of the latest technologies and materials to produce a 1,000 pound car that adheres to all government and safety regulations and is comfortable and secure while delivering satisfactory performance. Judges will announce a winner Nov. 18 during the Design Los Angeles Conference at the show. has posted its international motorsports calendar for events through Nov. 30 on the Internet. . . . News Magazine Online describes an innovative new type of general auto insurance popular in South Africa. It is pay-as-you drive insurance based on the amount of time you spend on the road. Drivers pay a monthly fee to cover theft and other damages that could occur to their vehicle while it is not being driven. Then a per kilometer rate is added for actual distance driven each month. Both rates are calculated based on a driver’s risk profile .

Media Digest reports the rise of “robot journalism” with Stat Sheet’s announcement that it plans to produce completely automated sports content. How it works Media Digest says, “A program called Stats Monkey analyses changes in win probability and game scores, and picks out the key plays and players from any game.” Match stats are used to fill in the blanks in a ready-made script generated from a database loaded with a variety of lines to cover all outcomes.” Media Digest notes others are following suit and cites, “... Scientists at the Intelligent Information Laboratory in Illinois working on an automated news project called News at Seven, a virtual newscast complete with cartoon newsreaders. Log on to for an example."

Writing for Poynter Online, Rick Edmonds says the pace of pay walls is picking up and bigger experiments by bigger players may at last be ready for rollout. Examples he offers are: News Corp acquiring Journalism Online, suggesting that it may be the vendor for Rupert Murdoch’s plan to charge for his media empire’s content across the board. Also, word that Google is readying a micro-payments system to be known as Newspass for introduction later this year. With it, users could assemble their own newspaper online from a variety of Newspass content providers.

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press box

New Zealander Kaila Colbin, writing on The Obsolescence of Copyright for Media Post says, “the ease of everything has stripped the value from merely doing something. You put up a website? Yawn. You started a blog? Big whoop. If everyone can do it, within moments and for free, why should I care? Those of us who operate in the realm of ideas -- and by ‘ideas’ I mean ‘any creative industry’ -- have to generate value in another way. ... With limited resources, we can focus on protecting yesterday's content or producing tomorrow's. Which approach opens more opportunities for us? Which approach is more conducive to innovation?"

She says about preventing copying, “Regardless of your feelings about whether or not content should be readily available, the horse has already bolted. Why, then, focus on the impossible proposition of getting it back in the barn? ...Scarcity no longer increases the value of information; ubiquity does.”

Instead of copying Internet postings, deleting them is the concern of Gavin O’Malley writing in Around the Net in Online Marketing. He asks if the “Digg Patriots” who systematically downgrade thousands of stories they rate too one-sided, are harbinger’s of what’s to come with all crowd-sourced editorial tools and cites other sources raising the same question. . . . Erik Sass, writing for The Social Graph, notes, “ 2014 Americans will be spending $1.5 billion on online newspaper subscriptions and $5 billion on imaginary objects (virtual goods). Maybe I find this ridiculous because I'm a reporter and my sympathies lie with the newspaper industry.”

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grand stand

CAN-AM”, rightly evokes the unparalleled explosion of raw power that for a brief 71 races dominated American motorsports, have claimed space in enthusiasts’ minds of late, either because of or co-incidental with David Bull’s publishing of “CAN-AM Cars in Detail.

It was featured in book-signings held by Bull during Monterey Weekend and at Riverside International Automotive Museum this past Saturday where two McLaren CAN-AM cars and five series drivers were attracted to a presentation by the series' pre-eminent chronicler and writer of the book, Pete Lyons. The 11” X 11” hardcover book, sub-titled “Machine and Minds Racing Unrestrained,” has 157 studio quality color photos by Peter Harholdt, which, along with Lyons words, make CAN-AM racing, last staged in 1974, come alive for those who witnessed it, participated in it or read about it. Bull has a limited number of signed copies available from those events. Contact him at

Why the same house would enclose Jesse Alexander’s “Inside The Archives” with the CAN-AM book is hard to fathom. The fourth book of Alexander’s racing images the two have collaborated on, is worth more space than one publisher can expect at one time. Contact Bull for more info on this presentation of 78 previously un-published photographs and for special signed copies.

Another retrospect for the enthusiast’s library is: “American Auto Legends: Classics of Style and Design” from Merrill Publishers Limited. Due out in October, it is a 288-page hardcover with approximately 250 photographs, written by Tracy Powell with photos by Michael Furman. After an overview of the history of the automobile in America, it is followed by detailed histories of more than 50 “milestone" cars produced between 1908 and 2008. Included are biographies of key figures in the U.S. automobile industry, a technical glossary and a directory to where milestone cars may be seen (museums and collections).

Veteran auto writer/photographer Bob McClurg writes that moving to Hawaii has not slowed his work on “Understanding Nitrous Oxide From A to Z” for Car Techs/SA Design Books. Although, those that heard him discussing his "Yenko! The Man, The Machines, The Legend," on a book review segment of "Jay Leno’s Garage," webcast, or on a couple of live broadcasts on Sam Auxier, Jr's "Drag Racers Reunion Radio", might think otherwise.

Jim Gorzelany a print auto writer for years, has just released his second eBook, "Automotive Intelligentsia Money-Saving New Car Guide.” Available now for devices that support the Amazon Kindle reader, other platform-specific electronic versions and a paperback volume will follow. He says his Money-Saving New-Car Guide “is aimed at helping motorists maximize (the return) on one of the largest capital outlays they’ll ever make.” From choosing a vehicle that best meets a buyer’s needs, is within his or her budget and has the lowest long-term ownership costs, to taking a test-drive, getting the most money for a trade-in and negotiating the best possible price, this book keeps a sharp eye on the bottom line at every turn. And one of the chapters deals with his discarded medium asking, "Can You Trust A Published Car Review.”

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new roads

Crowd-sourcing that eliminates the journalist’s evaluation of new cars has taken a new twist. According to a Marketing Daily news brief: “ is launching "Vehicle Rating Game" at Participants are asked to rate a set of cars on their appearance, luxuriousness and sportiness, and then are challenged to predict the average rating for each vehicle from all the other players. The game takes about five minutes to play and monthly winners will be awarded Visa gift cards worth up to $2,000. Rob Hardy, Product Manager of Consumer Preferences at Edmunds, is quoted: "Most importantly, the Vehicle Ratings Game data will ultimately be used to help automotive shoppers understand what kind of car is right for them.”

Also from Marketing Daily, Karl Greenberg reports: “Kelley Blue Book is going social with a new platform comprising five of its tools designed to integrate a virtual, dynamically updated KBB sticker on everything from a car window to sites like Facebook, Craigslist, and ebay Motors -- and even personal blogs and Twitter. The product, called the Seller's Toolkit, is free through Private Party Pricing Report on” Cy Scott, KBB senior software engineer, told Marketing Daily that with the new sticker, "You can walk up to a car, point a cell phone at the QR code, scan it, see the current value, and get more information about the car." There’s a social –network app, a direct link for email or Twitter, and a widget version for web sites, each with instant update capability. Scott summarized, "In the past you would see a car on a lot, look it up and see a different price. This is a level playing field between buyer and seller because the value you get is for the exact vehicle condition, and mileage options. Everyone's on the same page."

Jumpstart Automotive Group adds Cycle World to its marketing and publishing network. A part of Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S., Jumpstart Automotive Marketing Company represents 13 automotive websites that include Vehix, Consumer Guide Automotive, JD Power Autos, Autos, Car and Driver, Road & Track, Cycle World, carsoup, U.S.News, hybridcars, cargurus, truecar and plugincars. . . . Automobile Magazine is now available from Zumboi as a free mobile application for Iphone and iPod devices. . . . Lou Ann Hammond has launched a new web site: to better describe her long-standing video/podcast blog that regularly features interviews with industry leaders and experts,

Comments: New Roads September 2010


pit notes

Chevrolet and Nissan have confirmed the Volt and Leaf for this year’s IMPA Test Days, September 29-30 in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. . . . At a time when racing revenues and attendance are down, a new survey: "2010 Automotive Marketing Return on Investment” reveals that last year 10% off all new vehicle buyers surveyed attended one or more motorsports event in the 12 months prior to their purchase. ...25%watched at least one motorsport event on television during the same period and that motorsports' followers average 25 or more vehicle recommendations to others per year. The survey by Forsight Research, culled five years of data. It was reported by Karl Greenberg in Marketing Daily.

Alvis, the small British car company out of business since 1968, plans to re-introduce the brand. Red Triangle, the company that has provided parts, maintenance and restoration services to Alvis owners for the last 40 years, has formed The Alvis Car Company, which plans to newly manufacture selected original Alvis models. Between 1920 and 1968, the company produced 22,000 bespoke and highly innovative sedans, touring and sports cars in the traditional British manner with owners choosing their own coachwork bodies built on an Alvis chassis.

Auto Pacific, based on owners’ ratings of their new 2010 model year cars and trucks across 15 key vehicle attributes, report that Range Rover and the Suzuki Kizashi are the top rated ideal vehicles for 2010 while Ford and Porsche for the third year in a row are the top rated brands. . . . Britain’s Ministry of Defense announced two contracts awarded Cosworth for technology currently used in Formula 1 cars that could help troops on the front line. One is for a military vehicle accident data recorder, the other a blast event and vehicle integrity system to better prepare for and assess blast damage.

Denise McCluggage is right about the need to overcome the dismissive, “Its another car show” that could apply to hundreds (if not thousands) of gatherings of usually gleaming motorcars. (LeMons excepted). Writing in AutoWeek, she offers for the first Santa Fe Concorso (Sept. 24-26), a unique, beautiful setting, Sir Stirling Moss as an honorary judge, and special exhibits. . . . Andy Granatelli, Parnelli Jones and a “Restoration Alley” showing what it takes to bring a classic back to life are the spice for The 2010 Palos Verdes Concours d’Elegance Sept. 19 at the Trump National Golf Course.

Three new awards have been added to this year’s SEMA Show, Nov. 2 to 5 –in Las Vegas/ One each for the “HOTTEST’ car, truck and 4x4 SUV . . . .The Los Angeles Auto Show promises 20 World Debuts are confirmed for its 2010 Press Days, Nov. 17 and 18. Qatar itself, and its convening of Middle East auto potentates and their rides, is enough to spark interest in the emirate’s first Motor Show. January 26 – 29, 2011 .  . . The Carbon Fiber Club, a newly formed enthusiasts' buying club for auto-related parts, events and services has partnered with the Sports Car Club of America to offer the SCCA’s 50,000 members the aggregated buying power of Carbon Fiber membership.

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lane changes

John Matras is not changing lanes but the veteran autowriter and photographer is looking for a few more roads to explore while considering a re-launch of his CarBuzzard web site, and blog the erstwhile home of car reviews current and past. (He had them all) He continues to write for the Examiner from his Tannersville, Penn., home. Matras can be reached at, or 570-468-4083.

Decisive Media editor-in-chief Lyndon Conrad Bell has added Sports Car Monitor to his editing portfolio. It is a High Gear Media emagazine. . . . Pete Ward  ( has replaced Randy Fish as editor of Drag Racer. . . Tommy Thompson ( supplants Andrew Quillin as a CarLab contact. . . . Jamie Deaton ( replaces Sean Tucker as a Rankings and Reviews auto editor at U.S. News & World Reports.

Veteran auto industry analyst Haig Stoddard ( with Wards for years and more recently with IHS Global Insight became the odd man out when that company acquired competitor CSM. He is available at 248-515-9935. . . .Jonny Lieberman has matriculated to the Motor Trend staff from the blogosphere where he honed his writing skills with Autoblog, Jalopnik and The Truth About Cars.

Kevin Sintumuang moves from associate editor at GQ: Gentlemen's Quarterly to The Wall Street Journal where he will report on a number of topics, including cars. . . . Rick Carey has joined Sports Car Digest as auction editor. He will bring nearly two decades of covering the collector car market to his pre- and post-auction reports in the magazine. . . .Two auto writers have left The Detroit Free Press and one has joined the daily. Tim Higgins moved to the Detroit office of Bloomberg News and Justin Hyde, most recently an industry correspondent for the paper, has joined Jalopnik as features editor. Chrissie Thompson ( joins the paper’s auto staff from Automotive News in order to fulfill her long-standing desire to work for a community newspaper.

Road & Travel and Earth, Wind & Power Media have a new corporate office address at 3229 Patriot Way in West Greenwich, RI, 02817. Telephone: 401-385-3828. Publisher and editor-in-chief Courtney Caldwell says the Detroit office will remain open and a Los Angeles office will be opened in 2011. Email submissions for the outlets can be sent to: and addressed to “content manager”.

New contact information for Gaywheels: Questions regarding the site can be directed to Joe Talongo at, questions about the LGBT automotive consumer can be directed to Peter Sorgenfrei at ps@sorgenfreillc.comJoe LaMuraglia is no longer associated with the site. . . . Auto writer Rich Bieboch has left the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel and has not been replaced. . . . Freelancer Marcy Watson’s email address is: . . .Auto writer Ted Shelsby has not been replaced at The Baltimore Sun.

Maynard Gordon reports a new email address:  . . .Megan Snider ( is the auto editor for the Southern Maryland Newspapers. . . Robert Duronio, who writes for Consumer Review, has a new email address: . . . .So does Bill Vlasic:  .. . Reg Abbiss has changed his email address to:  . . . Also with new Emails are freelancer Desmond Toups: and Mike Holt:

Speedway Illustrated has suspended publication. The other titles and web sites in Canadian publisher CLB Media’s portfolio, including Auto Dealer and Affaire's Automobiles, have been sold to Annex Publishing & Printing in Aurora, Ontario. . . .Wooden Horse reports: Automotive Fleet, Fleet Financials, Government Fleet and Work Truck are without managing editor Cindy Brauer. . . . Dustin Walsh: moves to covering auto suppliers for Crain’s Detroit Business. Mike Colias,, has joined Automotive News. He will cover technology and suppliers.

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across the finish line

Stanley Drall: A member of Ford’s first PR department, he retired after 53 year’s with the company and then volunteered tirelessly at the Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn.

Jerry Flint: Noted for his insights and acerbic punditry, he covered the auto industry for more than 50 years, first for The Wall Street Journal, followed by the NewYork Times and from 1979, for Forbes.

Bob Novy: Popular MAMA member and head of U.S. Auto Movers in Chicago until it closed its doors and he retired.

Jack Pitney: Personable marketing VP of BMW from a tractor accident on his farm.

Al Yamada: President and Publisher of NHTSA News & Report.

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Glenn F. Campbell

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IMPA Test Days 2010 will host a Pocono Concours celebrating those olden, golden days when tires had whitewalls and bumpers were formed from chrome-plated steel. Members who owns a vintage, modified or special interest vehicle and Auto manufacturers with heritage collections are invited to bring a classic car as well for display on Sept. 30


Nissan 370z Roadster

Photos of the Association’s Annual “Run To The Sun” shot by John Vincent and captioned by Sam Moses are posted on Moses’ new web blog (soon to be web site) NewCarSnark at


 Members invited to a special Mazda evening program Sept. 21st at the Lars Anderson Museum of Transportation in Brookline, Mass.


TAWA web master Mary Collins announced a re-designed TAWA website that is easier to use and now has a directory in the members section. More features will be added, she said.

TAWA’s annual Craft Competition closed to entries after Sept. 14

The Association will hold its annual membership meeting Sept. 243 at the Texas State Fair in Dallas.


WAPA co-sponsored member Vern Parker’s “Street Dreams” invitational antique car show, Sept. 5, It was a continuation of Out of the Past Revue car show which featured cars profiled by Parker in the pages of The Washington Times auto section over the last 20 years.

The association also participated in a “Dress For Success” luncheon where members donated suitable clothing for students in need to wear on job interviews.

The Washington Auto Show has doubled its run from five days to 10 days, Jan. 28 to Feb.6. 




Les Richter: Across The Finish Line

As a young journalist, covering auto racing for the San Bernardino Sun-Telegram (now just the Sun) some 45 years ago, Les was a true friend and guide to all things auto racing.

He actually helped me get my first job in auto p.r. The "Coach" was that in more than name only. I'll always be thankful for his help and friendship.

Ryan Rees


Thanks for the listing in Lane Changes but please note you misspelled my name. It's Alex Fedorak. All other information is correct.


Alex Fedorak

CAN-AM Cars In Detail

From my good friend Peter, (Harholdt) who spent the last year traveling the country photographing these carefully selected icons with his excellent mobile studio. And all thanks to my journalistic peer, Pete Lyons who now has added Peter H's photographic excellence to his unparalleled historical insights.

A wonderful melding of genius!

I personally feel that the stage was set by the McLaren M6A and Lola T70, with the technological stimulus ably offered by the Chaparral 2E. My favorites were the wonderful home grown engineering provided by the Caldwell D7 and McLeagle. IMHO, the others are a wonderful selection illustrating the thrilling continuum afforded by the series. The CanAm provided perhaps the high point of world wide racing in my lifetime ... technology, competition, personalities, factories, and ground pounding, visceral thunder! The high point of the pure CanAm car was the Shadow DN4, while the death knell was sounded by the over-the-top Porsche 917/30 panzerwagen!

Proof that we unfortunately probably have to have some limits to "no limits!"

Remember, Christmas isn't that far away!

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