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Autowriter Spotlight
Autowriters Spotlight: Marty Schorr

From a mop-headed East Coast hot rodder to a proper PR pro, Marty Schorr has lived through the changes of auto journalism from the ‘60s to the disruption of the Internet. During that time he has been the editor of nearly a dozen automotive magazines including: Cars, Hi-Performance Cars, Custom Rodder and Speed and Supercar. He was the founding editor of High-Performance Pontiac and the top Corvette enthusiast publication, VETTE. He also published Quicksilver Communications' library of brand-specific Marque Series enthusiast books in the early1980s. For 18 model years he was Buick's East Coast PR reprehensive.

In the early days he was a notable member of the aggressive East Coast, "show us what you got" auto writing contingent that came to the annual long lead previews staged by Detroit's Big Three at their proving grounds. The fierce competition in the nation's media center and the gold then in newsstand sales and one-shots, made the East Coast scribes' entrepreneurial journalism understandable.

It was in marked contrast with the California cool of the West Coast writers who treated the annual rollouts of the year's models like a wine tasting at a brothel. Perhaps they were secure in the complicit understanding that it was not a journalistic enterprise they were engaged in but an elaborate marketing plan to launch the year's new models. And, for some, the knowledge that during the 'Golden Hour' for car photography when the other writers were enjoying Midwest haute cuisine they would be able to sneak some live models onto the guarded proving grounds to spice the sheen of their new vehicle shots. By that time, Marty Schorr was probably winging back to New York with plans for the next newsstand cover and one-shot he and his associates would publish.

Marty Schorr's Ford Total PerformanceBut that's yesterday. He's just finished writing a book with a Fall on-sale date for Motorbooks. Title is Ford Total Performance, focus on HP activities from 1961 to 1971, with lead chapters on the 1920s Fours, 1930s & 1940s Flathead V8s and 1950s Y-Block V8s. That's in addition to writing his CarGuyChronicles.Com blog, maintaining his PMPR automotive PR and marketing agency launched in 1982 and fostering the Sarasota Auto Club for Car Guys Who Lunch now with satellites in Florida, Washington, DC, New Jersey, Canada, Germany and Iran.

He has a no-bs resume of achievements and innovations that have made him a deserved, frequent recipient of awards from various automotive groups. His most recent award: an honorary membership in the Automotive History Preservation Society. No doubt with more to come.


new roads

Instagram's blog announced, "An all-new Explore page, with trending Tags and Places, and more powerful search that makes it easier to find the people, places, and tags you're looking for. With more than 70 million photos and videos posted to Instagram every day, wherever something is happening, chances are you can see it here."

Google building deeper understanding of images.

Laurie Sullivan tells us in Search Market Daily that for improved image recognition Google is "building an Artificial Neural Network where the software is capable of recognizing, learning, and eventually, generating its own network in the likeness of the original."  The company's Artificial Neural Networks "rely on software based on the structure of how biological brains learn when being shown millions of images."

Carol Driver reports in Mailonline that the Daily Mail "is teaming up with two of the world's biggest names in marketing, content and community to launch the first joint global digital content agency." Named Truffle Pig because the "truffle pig finds the rare and tasty" according to Jon Steinberg, CEO of the Daily Mail. Joining in the venture are the social app Snapchat and WPP advertising agency.

Gizmo's Maddie Stone reports, "Beginning on July 1st, authors who self-publish through Amazon's KDP Select Program will be paid for each page that remains on the screen long enough to be parsed, the first time a customer reads the book." It is an experiment to better adjust authors' payments to the number of pages they publish on Amazon. . . . . Apple News on the other hand, the aforementioned Sullivan, reports, is using the old "unless you opt out" ploy to tell internet author/publishers it will be using stuff they post and they are not entitled to any revenue from ads placed with it.

OneX Content Studio is a new venture by Radio One that reaches 82% of the nation's African-American population across all platforms. According to Tom Forbes in Content Marketing Insider, OneX is working directly with brands and their curators to produce branded content campaigns.


passing scene

If you are interested in "practicing good, old, traditional journalism applied to a different source of information and a different means of communicating with people," 6 lessons in social storytelling from 6 months of is a good place start. carries the story written by : Madalina Ciobanu. . . . And, if you are interested in making money by off-setting the drain on revenue from ad-blocking, Laurie Sullivan tells in SearchMarketing Daily of a new company, Sourcepoint, that will offer readers advertising, personalized advertising, or pay for a subscription with no or fewer ads. . . .Or, if you want to earn more money from your endeavors, David Rodnitzky, in Am I The Top Online Marketing Writer? for Search Insider provides statistics that spending money to be named, elected or selected, tops in your field may not be ethical but it pays off.

If you want to do it the old fashioned way, John O'Hara in a Media Agency Daily (MAD) offers some useful tips in his commentary: Excelling In the Age of Experience: Experiment, Have Passions, Be Annoying. They are based on his belief that, "It's also much easier to pull inspiration from a larger toolbox of memories and cross-pollinate ideas in richer and more imaginative ways. . . .Then you could take the easy way: Wibbitz, a new text-to-video tech company that takes print copy and within seconds spits it back out as shortened broadcast-like audio copy with accompanying video that matches the words in some logical way, as P.J. Bednarski tells it in OnlineVideo Daily. An example Wibbitz provided took the news story about President Obama's meeting with Cuba President Raul Castro that was an ordinary print wire story on Websites, and redressed it as a video.


pit notes

While the future will belong to autonomous cars, most pundits believe, The Detroit Bureau's Paul A. Eisenstein cites the prediction of Brian Johnson, a Barclays automotive analyst, that autonomous cars will lead to a tremendous drop in U.S. Auto sales: from the current 17 million vehicles per year to 9.5 million within the next 25 years. Reasons for this drop: Autonomous vehicles shared by an entire family. Shared vehicles that might be summoned by a smartphone app, much like the current Uber and Lyft systems and pooled autonomous vehicles that would be shared among multiple riders, much like a bus. reports It won't make a Land Rover autonomous but a new smart phone app Jaguar Land Rover has developed can make it a remote controlled car "that will help make real driving safer and more enjoyable," quoting Dr Wolfgang Epple, JLR's Director of Research and Technology.

Jaguar Landrover develops remote controlled car.

In that same TU-Auto.Com update on autonomous car development, there is a link to a video clip to another, related development: Samsung's Safety Truck with a four-camera screen on its back doors that provides a trailing motorist a clear view of the road ahead of the truck. Not so great a need now in the U.S. with so many multi-lane highways and freeways but a meaningful improvement for drivers wanting to pass a truck on a two lane road. You can see it here:

Smasumg Safety Truck

Michael Knab's Legendary Car reports this year's 17th Annual Gumball 3000 had 100 cars entered at $40,000 per pop. This year's event included stops in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, German, the Netherlands, Reno, San Francisco and Los Angeles before finishing in Las Vegas. However, description of the event after it hit the states sounded very much like Brock Yates "Cannon Ball Baker Sea-to Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash" and the movies it inspired, but there was no tip of the hat to Yates.

As of July 1, pretty much only Automotive History Preservation Society members will receive copies of its No Limits Magazine. A $25 check made out to Automotive History Preservation Society, and sent to P.O. Box 467, Perry, MI 48872 will get you a membership and its exclusive license plate. . . . . The National Safety Council warns, "the vibration of Apple's Smart Watch when it receives a notification, could be very difficult to ignore; a natural impulse will be to look at our wrist. This could take a driver's eyes off the road and mind off the drive -- a recipe for disaster." Steve Smith, writing in Mobile Insider, agrees with the NSC despite some studies that differ. He asks, if "an unexpected consequence of wearable media is deeper user involvement in curating their own media experiences?" When it comes to driver distraction he thinks the answer is "Yes" and wearable devices put users in more direct control over their media experiences and makes them more active gatekeepers to their own consciousness.

Permatex: a self-fusing, waterproof Silicone tape

What sounds like a welcome development for DIYers, comes from Permatex: a self-fusing, waterproof Silicone tape. According to the press release: "This fast acting tape bonds to itself and instantly creates an airtight, waterproof seal, which can be used for quick and secure repairs on hoses, pipes, cables, wiring, electrical connections, and more."


awards and events


The ladies are in the spotlight this awards season. . . .Three of Landspeed Louise Noeth's blind entries in the 2014 All-America Racing Writers & Broadcasters Association National Competition were named winners by independent judges from academia. Her Women in Drag Racing: Hear Them Roar for the NYTimes was first in the newspaper feature writing category, her A Century of Speed for the Society of Automotive Historians Journal was first in magazine feature writing and she took second inLuaren Fix The Car Coach photography-print action for her Push-Started to Glory shot in the UK's Custom Car Magazine.  . . .Car Coach Lauren Fix was named a 2015 "Woman of Influence" by the Women's Industry Network. WIN honored her as a "liaison between the repair shop, the automotive boardroom, and the average driver's home garage." . . . Linda Vaughn, the "Miss Hurst Golden Shifter" and "The First Lady of Auto Racing" has been named the first recipient of an honorary Jim Chapman Award for Excellence in Motosports PR. It is an extension of the Chapman Award initiated in 1993 to honor the late motorsports PR man and executive.

Bundesarchiv Bild 102-08188, Hans von Stuck

Hans Stuck, Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-08188 / CC-BY-SA

Bill Ford is slated to receive the Ambassador for Humanity Award from the Institute for Visual History and Education founded by director Stephen Spielberg. . . .Hans Stuck will be the honoree for the March 11-13, 2016 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance. He is a two-time Lemas winner and was the 1985 World Sports Car Champion. . . Porsche, Kia, and Jaguar were 1,2,3, in the 2015 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study that ranks new cars on the basis of number of complaints by owners per hundred cars during the first 90 days of driving them. Completing the top 10 brands in the study are, in order: Hyundai, Infiniti, BMW, Chevrolet, Lincoln, Lexus and Toyota.


The U.S. Senate has designated July 10 as, the sixth annual "Collector Car Appreciation Day." SEMA encourages enthusiasts to take part in planning and participating of events in their community to celebrate and raise awareness of the vital role automotive restoration and collection plays in American society. SEMA maintains a list of scheduled events to commemorate the day at:

Two sessions of the 50th annual CAR Management Briefing Seminars August 3-6 in Traverse City, Mich. will explore "how technology and design go hand in hand as we reimagine the future of the automobile." For more details: . . .The Blackhawk Museum is offering a special VIP bus day trip to the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance on Sunday, August 15. Details for the $450 package can be found here: . . . The Charlotte Motor Speedway bills its upcoming AutoFair Sept. 24-27 as, "The largest automotive extravaganza in the world. More than 70,000 visitors will turn out to see some 50 car clubs, 1,500 collectible vehicles and 10,000 vendors, as well as feature displays ranging from NASCAR Hall of Famers cars to incredible restorations to new auto reveals – and everything in between." . . . . The nation's premier (and only) self-named CrapCan auto racing series will export its brand of no taste competition to Australia for a LeMons race in New South Wales, Oct. 28-29.


regional news


NEMPA members will be Chrysler's guests for dinner and a Boston Red Sox game with the Detroit Tigers, July 24.


IMPA has organized a July 14 conference with guest experts on Media, Monetization and You: The Future of Automotive Media followed by workshops on Social Media, Content Creation and Personal Branding. Guest speaker, resource people scheduled: Sree Sreenivasan, Chief Digital Officer, Metropolitan Museum of Art on the new era of media; Scott Monty, recognized by Forbes as a top 10 social media influencer, on audiences and authenticity; Rene Syler, television journalist, host and creator of the blog Good Enough Mother, on personal branding; Suzanne Kantra, founder of Techlicious on building a business from a journalistic passion; Rich Jaroslovsky, VP of content, SmartNews, on trust; Daymon Patterson on getting millions of YouTube views. For information and registration: click here.

Guest Sponsor of the Pinehurst Concours d'Elegance paired a dozen local high school student auto enthusiasts with world –class judges who teach them the fine points of automotive restoration or preservation while the students tabulate the scores using Samsung tablets. The top student-judge gets a $2,000 scholarship for post high school automotive studies.

A Porsche Boxter GTS took top honors in the fifth annual Topless in Miami event presented by Haartz and judged by members of SAMA.

 Porsche Boxter GTS took top honors in the fifth annual Topless in Miami event presented by Haartz and judged by members of SAMA.
Pictured (l-r) are the 2015 SAMA Topless in Miami winners -- Mazda MX-5, Mercedes E400 Cabriolet, Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, Maserati GranTurismo and the Porsche Boxster GTS.


Ed Kemper, host of Island Driver TV, writer for HI Luxury Magazine, provides an inclusive look at auto related happenings in the 49th state. They include monthly meetings at the Hawaii Yacht Club for the Auto Lunch Bunch, private showings of new models, annual parts swap meet, a huge 10-days cruise of cars from all over on the big island, regular Cars and Coffee gatherings, multiple Hot Rod shows in July, August and September, SCCA Solo races at Aloha Stadium and a Rally Cross, if a site can be located. The islands' Super Car Club is active and recruiting more members. Visiting autowriters are welcome and should contact Kemper at  to meet with the lunch bunch or find out about other auto happenings.


Steffanie Savine of the Marx Group marketing and communications agency has been elected president of the Automotive Communications Council. The council is: for marketing and communications professionals in the auto care industry. For more information, visit, contact Nancie Boland at 573-723-1868 or email


MPG members Mark Vaughn and Matt DeLorenzo have organized a celebration of the life for friends of their friend and colleague Denise McCluggage. The celebration will take place at the Shelby Museum in Gardena, Calif. on Thursday, July 9 from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm.

The Petersen Automotive Museum surpassed its crowdfunding goal of $30,000 to restore a rare Los Angeles-built 1948 Davis Divan three-wheeled car. A campaign through the Indiegogo site generated $33,681 for the project. Museum Executive Director Terry Karges said, "With the museum's current resources and Capital Campaign fundraising efforts going toward our year-long total transformation, the public's generosity will allow us to restore our rare Davis to like-new condition for our grand re-opening in December."

MPG members are the guests for a night of racing on July 14 at Irwindale Speedway outside of L.A. They will get trackside tours and are invited to bring show cars of their own for viewing and a lap around the track. Each member can bring up to four guests at $5.00 each. . . . 23 classes have been established for the 23rd annual Palos Verdes Concours d'Elegance on Sunday Sept. 20. Featured marques will be Cadillac, Darrin Coachwork, and Ferrrari. For details: or call 1-866-522-7746.


road signs

Facebook is going to make it easier for you to confirm what you already believe. According to Gavin O'Malley of Social Media Daily, the algorithm for Facebook's News Feed is being adjusted to factor in the time you spend viewing stories. "For example," he says,Pew Research Center Generations Defined "if someone hovers over a piece about political affairs, they are now more likely to see similarly scandalous stories in their News Feed. . . . And, this has impact in an election year as the Pew Research Center's study of Millennials And Political News, which actually also looks at viewing habits of Baby Boomers and Generation Xer's, as reported by Amy Mitchell, Jeffrey Gottfried and Katerina Eva Matsa, raises the possibility that social media will become the local TV News source for the next generation.

Whatever source it will more than likely be digital. While daily per capita consumption of digital consumption is trending up, traditional media usage is trending down, according to Joe Mandese's in Media Daily News snapshot of ZenithOptimedia's Media Consumption Forecasts. Since 2010, he reports, estimated per capita usage of the Internet has doubled worldwide from 59.6 minutes to 109.5 minutes daily in 2014. During this same period traditional use of traditional media-TV, Newspapers, radio and out-of-home – have decreased about one half hour per day.

The ascendancy of social media as a news source may well be the motivation for five broadcast TV groups, ABC, Cox, Hearst, Media General and Raycom forming a free joint venture called NewsOn, Peter Bednarski reports in his Vidblog for Online Video Daily. He says the new venture "will offer live and on-demand local newscasts from around the country, all in one place." It is scheduled to start this fall.

In another report, Bednarski notes that the new YouTube Newswire, "basically a joint venture with news video collector, Storyful, "could substitute for a variety of video places you visit for news now." The venture combines the world-wide citizen-journalism of YouTube with Storyful's business of verifying video content for news organizations and is likely to create, "a channel that should become very powerful indeed," Bednarski predicts.

Erik Sass writes in Media Daily News that The Wall Street Journal is about to join the rush to more digital news distribution with "What's News," a new mobile-only news app offering its subscribers a condensed look at top stories and breaking news across a range of the newspaper's reporting of top stories and breaking news. . . . And yet another new "round-the-clock, all news, nothing but the news" channel debuting this fall is "Fox News Headlines 24/7," a partnership of SiriusXM and Fox News.

Concurrently and reflecting the increased reliance on digital is the continued shrinking of print. Nearly a third of the San Diego Union Tribune employees will be laid off by its new owner The Tribune Company. Most will follow a consolidation of its production operations with the Los Angeles Times, also owned by The Tribune. Only nine U-T newsroom employees are slated to go. And, Gannett is in the process of creating separate public companies of its broadcast and print operations and foresees its USA Today operations going all digital in five years.

For what it's worth, the headline on another Erik Sass post reads, "Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Moderately Psychotic Facebook User."


across the finish line

Denise McCluggage - Race car driver and auto writer for half a century known for an intelligent and sensitive recounting of her thoughts and feelings when behind the wheel or as a passenger in an excellent car on a challenging road or track.

LeRoi "Tex" Smith – Racer, car builder, writer, editor, promoter extraordinaire of all-things hot rodding, author of "We Came In Peace" a story about the first moon landing.

Word of the passing of three dragracing stalwarts from his father's era: Chet Vetter, Don Weaver and Bud Coons was sent along by Richard Parks, son of the late Wally Parks.

Bill Huth - Work-a-day scrapper who built a run-down Willow Springs Racetrack into a going and still going LA resource for racecar drivers, builders/designers and motorsports fans


lane changes

James HealeyJim Healey–Auto writer for USA Today for 27years, retired the last week in May but reports he intends to return to the fray after a well-earned respite. He can be reached at: . . . . Already back in the fray is 23-year NY Times advertising writer Stuart Elliott who accepted a buy out in May and now writes the Stuart Elliott Report for, which describes itself as "the most robust thought-leadership and knowledge content platform serving the media, advertising, marketing and entertainment communities."

Chris Evans has been named to succeed Jeremy Clarkson as host of the widely popular BBC TV Top Gear which became Chris Evans BBC Radio Hostthe most popular car show worldwide under Clarkson, who was sacked in March by BBC after a physical altercation with a producer. Evans has hosted BBC's Breakfast Show for five years and among his bono fides for the post is a multi-million dollar car collection of his own,  Clarkson's two sidekicks on the show will not return and Evans is accepting audition tapes for replacements. Meanwhile Clarkson is readying a new show for commercial TV.

Diane Anton, formerly with BMW communications, is now manager of corporate communications at Subaru. Phone: 856-488-5093 Email: . . . . Ed Sunkin has left Babcox. Greg Jones iDebi Brands his replacement . . . Debi Brand has replaced Per Schroeder at GrassrootsMotorsports, email her: Schroeder has moved on to Stoddard NLA, a Porsche vintage parts outlet . . . .The domain name for Lemay Museum is


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Milestone From a Reader

On June 8, 2015 I released episode #1100 of Radio-Road-Test, a weekly radio program I produce and host, that features driving impressions of an American or foreign car or light truck. It premiered in national radio syndication in January 1993. That episode (001) featured a road test of the Buick LeSabre. Episode #1100 featured my test of the Ford Mustang GT.

I could not have reached this milestone without a lot of help.

To all of those people who've worked with me on logistics and scheduling of road test vehicles, I'll send a sincere thanks. Producing such a program each week for 22+ years is in and of itself a challenge, but one my listeners, stations and advertisers have grown to expect each week.

Some of our milestone broadcasts are featured in the program's audio archive. Databases of past road tests going back to 2001 are available from the program's road test data page. There is a media/pr page and the listener page gives information on podcast and SoundCloud distribution, as well as the links for databases and our audio archive. Our contact page  has our updated information.

Paul Kaminski
PK Communications

Product Development
Vince Waterson wrote to tell us about the SmartPhone Pedal he's developing:

The smart phone pedal is another pedal mounted on the car floor so that it can be easily accessed by the driver's other foot. The pedal enables the driver to control all aspects of the smart phone software including GPS, contacts directory to initiate a phone call and SMS texting. All without the driver taking a hand from the wheel.

Video: Smart Phone Pedal


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Using his technical skills and remarkable eye, Richard Kelley made a name for himself in national magazines as a staffer and a freelancer for his auto photos – particularly auto racing. Fortunately, after a too-long journey on the rough seas of corporate PR, he has returned to his calling and produced a remarkable soon-to-be-published collection from his archive of Formula 1 photos from the ‘70s to 1984. Instead of the spectacle, excitement and glamour of auto racing, he focuses on the emotions, tension and camaraderie of the participants.

Video: Richard Kelley F1 Photographer

For example, instead of crashes, a youthful, intense Francois Cevert, is shown about to depart on his drive to eternity on an unfinished last practice lap at Watkins Glen. Or, two men watching over a racecar on a grey dawn as if they were guarding and calming a thoroughbred before it was called to the post. In another, two drivers chatting about quirks of the track on which they would shortly risk their lives competing against one another. The book's 208 pages and 160 images take fans as close as many of them will ever get to being "in" racing.

Poto by Richard Kelley

The forward is by Jarno Trulli, a Formula I driver for 15 years. Kelley wrote helpful personal notes for each of his photos. The pixels in some of the black and white photos make it seem that the passions and moments from another time are emerging and once again coming to life.

 "Waiting-A Decade of Life in the Grand Prix Pit Lane" is slated for publication in Hong Kong in December with a U.S. distributor to be named. In the meantime, check out for your own preview.

Jason Fogelson current president of the Motor Press Guild, has authored a new book: 100 Things for Every Gearhead to Do Before They Die.

He says, "This book, written by an unrepentant gearhead, explores and enumerates 100 experiences, journeys and challenges that will feed and nurture every reader's inner gearhead. From great car museums and collections to stunt driving lessons, from dirt track races to high speed ovals, from factory tours to hands-on wrenching. It will inspire, guide, and delight anyone who believes that machinery can be art. Part travel guide, part inspiration, part meditation, and part fun, this book is for the gearhead and for anyone who wants to understand their local gearhead. Bonus: Includes portraits and interviews with famous gearheads Jay Leno, Alonzo Bodden, Adam Ferrara, Peter Sagal and Derek Jenkins about their favorite destinations and vehicles, and how they became gearheads in the first place."

Now out from the Ready Press in St. Louis, 100 Things is available for $18.00 at traditional outlets or for an autographed copy buy direct at: Books For Gear Heads

Physics for Gearheads by Randy Beikmann

Physics for Gearheads - An Introduction to Vehicle Dynamics, Energy, and Power - with Examples from Motorsports by Randy Beikmann is a much praised new book available from Bentley Publishing. Check it out.

And, according to David Bull, Road & Track Editor Larry Webster says, "the best book you will read all summer" is, Where The Writer Meets The Road by Sam Posey. To order: You can also order by calling 602-852-9500, or toll-free at (800) 831-1758.


motoring press organizations

North American regional automotive press associations provide information and background not easily found elsewhere. If they are too distant for you to attend their meetings, belonging usually gives you access to transcripts or reports of these events and other benefits.

American Auto Racing Writers & Broadcasters Association, Inc.

Logo: AARWBA - Automotive Auto Racing Writers & Broadcasters Association

Norma "Dusty" Brandel
President, Exec. Director

Automobile Journalists Association of Canada


Automotive Press Association
Detroit, MI

Logo: APA Auto Press Associaion

Jeff Green, President

American Racing Press Association

Lo Association

Stan Clinton, President


Eastern Motorsports Press Association
Ballston Spa, NY

Logo: EMPA Eastern Motorsports Press Association

Ron Hedger, President


Greater Atlanta Automotive Media Association
Atlanta, GA

GAAMA: Greater Atlanta Automotive Association

Davis Adams, President

International Motor Press Association

Logo: IMPA Int'l Motor Press Association

Scotty Reiss, President


Midwest Automotive Media Association
Chicago, IL

Logo: MAMA Midwest Automotive Media Association

Kirk Bell, President

Motor Press Guild
Los Angeles, CA

Jsaon Fogleson, President

New England Motor Press Association
Boston, MA

NEMPA Logo: New England Motor Press Association

Craig Fitzgerald, President

Northwest Automotive Press Association
Portland, OR

NWAPA Logo: Northwest Automotive Press Association

Nik Miles, President

Phoenix Automotive Press Association
Phoenix, AZ

Logo: PAPA Phoenix Automotive Press Association

Cathy Droz, President

Rocky Mountain Automotive Press
Denver, CO

Logo: Rocky Mountain Automotive Media Association

Andre Smirnov, President

Southern Automotive Media Association
Miami FL

Log: Southern Automotive Media Association

Bill Adam, President  

Southeast Automotive Media Organization
Charlotte, NC

Logo: Southeast Automotive Media Organization

Texas Auto Writers Association

Michael Marrs

Truck Writers of North America

Logo: Truck Writers of North America

Tom Kelley, Executive Director

Western Automotive Journalists
San Francisco, CA

Logo: Western Automotvie Journalists

Brian Douglas

Washington Automotive Press Association
Washington, D.C.


Les Jackson, President

quotes to note

$90K Instagram 'Art' Shows Need To Better Define Value

"Content got deposed as king some time ago, and in its place we've seen marketing, positioning, storytelling emerge triumphant."

-Kaila Colbin, Online Spin

Too Embarrassed to Ask: What Is Apple TV, Anyway?

" -does "Apple TV" refer to the hardware that exists today, the cable-killing video service that Apple is trying to create or a theoretical Apple-branded television set?"

-Lauren Goode, <reCode>

Media Agencies' $25B Bounty For Change

"We're arranged around channels in a world where the Internet makes them irrelevant"

- Tom Goodwin, Online Spin

Can Native Halt The Rise Of Adblocking?

"Consumers have effectively created a tragedy of the commons – each acting in their own "best interest" while sacrificing the greater good of the very resources they look to consume."

-Eric Berry, Native Insider

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