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april 2013

autowriters spotlight

Richard Kelley Photographer

Not everyone has a treasure trove to fall back on when caught in a sudden corporate bloodletting. Luckily for him and for fans of Formula One and historic racing and fine art aficionados, Dick Kelley did. A thousand or more unpublished photos from 12 years covering Formula 1 were waiting for a curator and presentation to the public. None have been published before, even though he has provided photos for more than 600 Car and Driver feature stories and for multiple international auto publication and helped found two car magazines. The ones he chose to post on his website are works of art. And there is little doubt those that follow will be any less so.

He has an "eye" that was quickly detected by a journalism professor at Indiana University who was in the habit of giving students entering his non-verbal communications class a roll of film and telling them "go take pictures."

After Kelley turned in his assignment the professor hunted him down and insisted that Kelley buy a camera and take a job as staff photographer for the student newspaper.

He did and like the professor, became a devotee of the early "masters" of still photos. Kelley recalls "their point of view became my mantra: make photographs that tell a story; remove yourself; disappear; leave out the vanity; and, make emotional and elegantly composed images that point to a truth about your subject." He did that in compiling his Formula 1 documentary from 1972 to 1984. It was a period when it was easier to get close to his subjects, "be there without being there," and capture their emotions and reactions: Niki Lauda communing with his "race Gods," Francois Cevert patiently letting his mentors discuss a suspension adjustment but eager to get back to the track where minutes later he was in a crash and died. Jackie Stewart "zoned in" on capturing the pole at Watkins Glen in 1972. There are racing shots and podium shots but the emphasis is always on the emotion in the moment. They are accompanied by generous captions that will rekindle memories or introduce fans to an unrivaled period of Formula 1 racing and racers.

Race car driver Niki Lauda photographed by Richard Kelley

Kelley stepped away from Formula 1 in 1984, unable, he thought, to get the kind of "honest" shots he had been taking. That led to more work as a media and marketing content producer (writing and photography) at one time or another for most of the carmakers operating in the U.S.

Later, he served as Mitsubishi's Senior Manager of Media Relations and then, manager of the companyís North American Motorsports. This was followed by eight years as Toyota's Southeast Regional PR Representative until the unexpected purge that left him on the beach and prompted the publishing of his Formula 1 photos that, he says, "gave him back his soul." And, hopefully, another run of outstanding photos.

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new roads

Ronen Doron launched in April. It is a free service to qualified journalists that provides Automotive PR people with an answer to the age-old question, "What have you done for me lately?" A short video and 5 crisp reasons for participating are presented at the home page. You can ask questions of Doron at . . . Graeme Russell, Head of Public Relations and Communications, Bentley Motors, Inc., invites accredited media to visit the companyís new media site for releases and high-resolution photos.

Wooden Horse reports that the digital newsstand, Magzter, has added Hearst as a publishing partner to bring the number of titles available through Magzter to around 1,500. . . Could there be a closer marriage than Fast Companyís ceding a portion of its website to advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather and its clients? The cyber grant is titled, Content & Pervasive Creativity and will deal with content marketing. Wooden Horse suggests it could be an opening for freelancers. Other work possibilities reported by the newsletter are new e pubs: Travel + Escape, a Canadian digital specialty channel and website, Elite Family Travel and Dirt Wheels for ATV and UTV enthusiasts.


across the finish line

Calvin BeauregardCalvin Beauregard - Colorful, former Ford PR and Chrysler representative following a stroke. He served in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II. Retiring to Montana he continued to pursue his love of horses, antique cars, and friends.

road signs

"Newspaper reporters have the unfortunate claim to having the worst job of 2013, according to an American survey." So states Britain's Immediate Digest, referencing a job-rated report by CareerCast. Reasons given for the profession finishing at the bottom were: low pay, high stress and budget cutbacks and the likelihood of those factors getting worse. This, despite there being more newspaper users (print and/or digital) worldwide than there are internet users. The chief reason for this, according to the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) in its annual update of World Press Trends, publishers "have not found ways to match growth with revenues from digital platforms."

"Freelance writers, Canadian publisher TC Media, aka Transcontinental (ELLE CANADA*, CANADIAN LIVING*, CANADIAN GARDENING*), wants to steal your rights." This bold assertion ran in Wooden Horse News and following up revealed the publisher's proposed contract with freelance writers sought "moral rights" to refocus, repurpose and otherwise do what it wants with a freelancer's work. . . . . This attitude will hasten the trend to self-publishing that Leslie Kaufman limned recently in the New York Times. While it does not provide the advance that comes with a publisher taking over the printing, promotion and distribution of a writer's work, DIY publishing provides more control of the work and its marketing and 70 percent of the sales revenue. She also wrote of another new opportunity for writers at Kindle Singles. It offers "a showcase of carefully selected original works of 5,000 to 30,000 words that come from an array of outside publishers as well as from in-house. Editor David Blum also selects from stacks of unsolicited manuscripts or comes up with his own ideas for books Amazon publishes.

Bob Garfield, former Advertising Age critic and essayist and now editor-at-large for Media Post, did not say if the tome he launched at the recent SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas was self-published by co-author Doug Levy and himself. But he did say it "outlines sweeping changes in commerce that will yield a more open, more humane, more purposeful business world and society at large." (Adam Smith had similar hopes for his Gospel). The gist of the work titled, "Can't Buy Me Like" is, "Four forces are converged to render obsolete the opaque, high-handed practices of commerce we've grown grudgingly accustomed to. All four enabled by the Internet. The first is the disintegration of mass media. The second is forced transparency, the third is social media and fourth is the writers' belief, that "the public trust in institutions is now informed more by perceived strong values and good conduct than even the intrinsic quality of the goods and services themselves."


awards and events
Wins & Losses -  by Lawrence Ulrich 2013 Ken Purdy Award Winner Photo by Jim Fets
Jim Fets, Photographer Wins & Losses Photo Gallery

Lawrence Ulrich won The International Motor Press Association's 2013 Ken Purdy Award for excellence in automotive journalism for "Wins & Losses," his heartfelt sojourn through automotive heartland published in the November 2012 issue of Automobile Magazine. "The road trip is an all-too-familiar journey for automotive writers that frequently dead-ends in truisms and cliche," said Alex Taylor, senior editor at large for Fortune and a Purdy Award judge. "But Lawrence Ulrich weaves nostalgia for the past with a realistic understanding of the economics of the present into a rich account of a city and an industry."

Renaissance Man - Sam Posey story and photos by Jim Donnelly
Posey mastered the frightening race to 200 MPH at Indy aboard this turbocharged 1,200hp Eagle. Photo and caption by Jim Donnelly

Jim Donnelly's profile of famed road racer, broadcaster and architect/artist, Sam Posey won first place in the Personality Profile category of the Eastern Motorsport Press Association/Pocono Raceway Writer's Contest. The award was presented at EMPA's annual convention in King of Prussia, Penn. A senior editor at Hemmings Motor News, Donnelly's piece, titled "Renaissance Man" was published in Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car. . . . Automotive News' Spring Marketing Seminar May 14 in Los Angeles will feature top marketing executives from Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Hyundai. The event attracts more than 1,000 members of the West Coast marketing community. Phone: (313) 446-0420 or E-mail:

Early registration rates for the annual Center for Automotive Research (CAR) Management Briefings extend through June 15. The four-day event runs from August 5 to 8 in Traverse City, Mich. and offers seminars with top auto industry executives as speakers and panelists. For more speaker updates and other seminars information, visit the www.CARGROUP.ORG website.


lane changes

Neal White has changed his email to Lane Changes | Faye Parenteau . . . Joe McDonald has departed WealthTV and has not been replaced. . . . Faye Parenteau has replaced Ellen McNamara at The Day in New London, CT She can be reached at 860.701.4375 or emailed: . . . .Stefen Lombard relocated from Portland, OR to Traverse City, MI where he is managing editor of the Hagerty Magazine. Phone: 800.922.4050 x8042 and email: . . . .Gerry Miles has departed The Portsmouth, NH Herald and releases should be sent to  . . . Daniel Fitter no longer writes for RPM Motoring in Port Coquitlam, BC. . . .Jason Soifer no longer is Business Editor at the Prescott News and his successor, Ken Hedler, will advise when into he gets into auto writing. . . . Doug Williamson who was with the Windsor Star for years is probably retired and his replacement is Lane Changes | Ellen van WageningenEllen Vanwageningen. Her phone is 519-255-5711, Email:  . . . Mike Mika has been replaced as the online editor for the Wilmington Journal in News Castle, DE by Donna Alexander. Her email is: . Phone is 302- 324-2577. . . .Steve Macoy's new email address at the Acorn Newspapers is . . . . Paul Kaminski, whose motorsports radio show spans the nation from his Johnson City, NY base, has a new email address  . . . .Jim Stickford is, publisher of U.S. Auto Scene. . . .  Mark Dvornik, executive producer for TFC Entertainment, has been out of the country but is rumored to be readying a new venture. (Isn't that what executive producers Lane Changes | Dewayne Allen do?) . . . . Dewayne Allen has succeeded Steve Gehrlein as host of KTSA Radio's The Automotive Show in San Antonio. His email is: . . . . .Alex Leipf has replaced Tommy Thompson at The CarLab. Email is . . . . . Bob Cox has flown to American Euro Copter and Steve Kaskovich has taken his place at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. His email is:  . . . .Tim Myers replaces Patrick Collins as Special Sections contact at NC's Greensboro News & Record. His email is . . . . Josh Condon and Chuck Tannert have departed MSN Autos. . . . It is indeed Michael Mcarthy who is auto reporter at Advertising Age, as Jeannine Fallon of Edmunds.Com advised.


talk back

Re: Autowriters Spotlight: Robert E. Calem

Robert E. Calemís Spotlight piece in March brought him a number of congratulatory notes which are available on website, alongside the piece he wrote.

Satch Carlson was the first to note a spelling error: capitol instead of capital in our intro to Calemís essay. He also decried the possible absurdity if  we all adopted Calemís desire to capitalize words as we saw fit.

And, our change of autos coverage to auto coverage when talking about covering more than one brand of automobile
was not agreed with Ė we would like to hear from others about their usage.


Lane Changes

Thanks for another interesting newsletter! One correction: AdAge's new reporter is actually Michael McCarthy

Best wishes,

Jeannine Fallon
Executive Director, Corporate Communications
Media Hotline: 310-309-4900


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