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april 2012

the road ahead

The age of the quantum computer and its nearly simultaneous billion operations is upon us. It crept over the horizon of possibility with Lockheed Martin's purchase of such a device for use in its worldwide security services. What does it do and how does it work?

Photo By: Jay Lopez

Well since it is a security device, it's a secret. However, David Vranicar, writing for (see links below) offers this simple description of quantum computing. "Traditional computers rely on information stored as zeros and ones. Together, the 0s and 1s form bits. Machines that use quantum technology, however, have a different type of bit. Unlike a conventional bit, a quantum bit, or "qubit," has the physical properties of an atom. And because of an atom's' ability to be in dual states, a qubit can simultaneously be 0 and 1.

"A qubit, in this sense, is a coin resting on its edge, capable of going either way and, as a result, performing at a higher level than conventional bits." – which Vranicar compares to a string of heads or tails coin flips. He says, "30 quantum bits can allow a billion 10^9 operations at once. Whereas, a gate with 30 classical bits does only one operation." That means doing much, much more computing with less and doing it much, much faster.

However, Kaila Colbin in an Online Spin column (A Million Views On YouTube -- And Other Lotto Wins) points out the conundrum of the more content available the less chance of any specific content being seen. Just as our ability to "friend" thousands via social media doesn't increase the average persons ability to maintain more than 150 "meaningful" relationships.

Evolution may solve that in the future.

Chinese research found that teenagers addicted to computing (more than 30 hours on the computer per week) actually evidenced changes in their brain functions. However, a Pew Research Center survey about the future of the Internet, "technology experts and stakeholders were fairly evenly split as to whether the younger generation's always-on connected to people and information will turn out to be a net positive or a net negative by 2020, " as summarized by a Center For Media Research Brief, "The Impact of Hyperconnectivity."

Whatever the impact, it appears we will rely on search engines and other aggregators of content to filter the flood of our incoming Internet data.

Quantum computer links:

Road Ahead: Comments?


road signs

Lotus staged a technical press workshop for small groups of journalists invited to its Sterling Heights, Michigan offices earlier last month. Frank Sheronsky, a veteran automotive engineer, was among them and he provided Torque News with an insightful summary of some intense one-on-one sessions as well as photos and footage. For the report, go to:

Dave Morgan reports in Online Media that there will be a projected 350 million computer-driven Internet connected televisions in the world by 2015.Which he says will mean more content choices, more a la carte programming and a shortage of quality video content. (Good news for writers). . . Matt Straz in Online Spin predicts that next year Social TV will get hot and Magazines will go tablet. Time, Inc. has already announced all 21 of its U.S. titles will be available on tablets in 2012.

Wooden Horse News reports "Apple's Newsstand, a feature that is included in Apple's new iOS 5 operating system for its iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch gadgets, has sent publishers swooning. Conde Nast (VOGUE*, GQ*, GOLF DIGEST*) announced a 268% spike in subscriptions since the Newsstand launched. Publisher Hearst (WOMAN'S DAY*, ELLE*, CAR AND DRIVER*) has seen a 10-fold increase from September last year. The new nail biters are whether ad sales will follow and if the enthusiasm will last." . . . AOL and Huffington Post don't have to pay their bloggers, a US District judge ruled Friday, according to the Associated Press, and dismissed the lawsuit filed against them by Jonathan Tasini and other bloggers. The bloggers knew from the start they wouldn't be paid, the judge declared, and could have taken their work elsewhere.

Road Signs: Comments?


regional news


Captured at the 2010 event and re-circulated to promote this year's recent Legends of Riverside TV Racing Film Festival & Legends Gala, this photograph of Carroll Shelby, Parnelli Jones and Dan Gurney (l-r) may become a treasured keepsake of American racing's golden years.

Carroll Shelby, Parnelli Jones and Dan Gurney at the 2010 Legends of Riverside

Because the Petersen Automotive Museum calendar is too full to carry complete in this Newsletter, contact for your own copy or suggest your readers do so if they plan to visit L.A. From kids to hard-core enthusiasts, the museum offers something bound to appeal.


TAWA, in addition to its famed truck rodeo and recently added annual Texas Auto Roundup (coming up April 29) initiated a scholarship program for college journalism students. Shown l to r below are Brenda Fanara, Director of Development, University Of North-Texas, Mayborn School of Journalism, Harold Gunn, for whom the scholarships are named and recipients Margo Maldonado and Brittnee Edmonds.

TAWA Scholarships Awarded by HArold Gunn


Jessica Anderson is the new president of WAPA


More than 1800 profehttp://w outstanding Amelia Island Concours event are available in print or digital form from:

Jaimie Florez was elected 2012 President of SAMA

New England

Unidentified to protect the innocent, these NEMPA volunteers checked their dignity at the door and became elves, Grinches and Santas at the group's annual Christmas/Hanukah/ Kwanzaa/New Year's get-together at the Boston Globe. It also captures the lighthearted camaraderie that makes NEMPA perhaps the busiest of the nation's automotive press associations.


In addition to regular monthly dinners, members take part in the "Ask The Experts" feature at the New England Auto Show, select a "Winter Vehicle of The Year" (Won this year by Jeep for the second year in a row) and help select the "Pre-Owned Vehicles of The Year" for Wheels TV. They also will select the winner of the Gene Ritvo Memorial Design & Elegance Award in conjunction with Boston's Museum of Fine Arts and the Larz Anderson Museum of Transportation. The award is named for the late Gene Ritvo, a NEMPA member and veteran concours photographer who had an unusually keen eye. "The Ritvo" honors the best in design in the automotive world, whether it is a production vehicle or a concept car, a marketing campaign, a logo or some element of a vehicle that "defines elegance in design."

Then, there is The Autonomous Vehicle Panel to be on stage at MIT and the Yankee Cup Technology Award to be determined by a panel of MIT professors. Both taking place on NEMPA's 25th Anniversary dinner at MIT. A portion of the proceeds from the annual dinner and the advertising space in the program book will go towards the Autism Speaks charity. The annual Ragtop Ramble/Crustacean Crawl is July 19-20 and right after that, July 21, Cool Cars For Kids will provide 25 young patients from the Dana Farber Institute and their families with rides in cool cars provided by participating manufacturers and NEMPA members.



awards honors and events

Awards reports, "In a surprise move, a panel of 64 journalists named the Volkswagen Up! the World Car of the Year during a ceremony at the 2012 NY Auto Show - besting the Porsche 911 and BMW 3-Series.

Volkswagen Up! named World Car of The Year

Oliver Stefani, lead designer, holds the World Car of the Year award for the Volkswagen Up

Hyundai topped the Brand Keys 2012 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index in the automotive category. It was sixth among all brands worldwide and the only automotive brand in the top 20. Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys, noted in Marketing Daily that Hyundai's Assurance program probably accounted for its win but he added, "Who cares that there are probably eight people who actually took the Assurance deal; it was the right thing to do for the time."

Derek McNaughton, Postmedia Network's national driving editor, was named the Automotive Journalist Association of Canada's Automotive Journalist of the Year. The award is sponsored by Land Rover of Canada. . . Henry Biedrzycki of Charlotte N.C. won two Porsche vehicles in the 2011 Continental Tire Dream Giveaway that raised more than $200,000 for charity. Biedrzycki's winning ticket among 54,000 entries brought him a Porsche 911 GT3, a Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid,  the IRS withholding requirements for the package and a personal driving lesson with Hurley Haywood.  . . . . The Toronto Globe and Mail's, won and Editor & Publisher "Eppy" for "best automotive web site."

Carribbean Capers by Joel E. FinnThe Society of Automotive Historians honored Caribbean Capers: The Cuban Grand Prix Races of 1957,1958 & 1969 written by Joel Finn and published by Racemaker Press in collaboration with Garnet Hill Publishing. Also available from Racemaker is a remarkable work 40 years in the making: The O'Keefe Winners Database: A Searchable Comprehensive Database of Moor Racing Events 1895-2010. Compiled by Jim O'Keefe, its 250,000 pieces of data contains the winners of 22,000 races from all over the world. The Society presented its Ingersoll Award to O'Keefe for his monumental effort. Both titles are available from

Andy Stonehouse won the first annual Outstanding Automotive Journalist award presented by vote of the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press Association. He writes weekly reviews for Colorado's Summit Daily News and is a frequent contributor to the Boulder and Salt Lake City daily newspapers. . . . "Senna," by Asif Kapadia and Manish Pandey, a full-length documentary that follows the Formula One career of the late racecar driver Ayrton Senna, won the 2011 Dean Batchelor Award, presented by the Motor Press Guild. The Guild's "Lifetime Achievement Award" went to Brock Yates while Tom Stahler won "Best Article." Janos Wimpffen, "Best Book" and Reinhard Klein, "Best Photography."

Warren Brown's weekly On Wheels column in The Washington Post earned him the Washington Automotive Press Association's 2011 Golden Quill Award. . . . A Ford van was the only domestic brand to break into the final rankings in the first German Blogger Awards as voted by 27 Deutschland auto bloggers. . . . Juno sports prototype driver Sarah Reader was crowned 2011 champion of the British Women Racing Drivers' Club.


Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin's Road America will host Girls Go Racing The Art of Racing, Saturday and Sunday, May 5-6 and MAMA's annual Spring Rally Wednesday and Thursday, May 23-24.

The female drivers event, organized by Susan Frissell, publisher/editor of, includes some classroom instruction, track time monitored by professional drivers, relays and slalom. The event schedule includes a cocktail reception Saturday night, May 5 and full day at the track May 6. For more information and a registration packet for the driving adventure, contact or 847-224-7506. Media are welcome to cover.

About 100 automotive journalists and 50 PR professionals are expected to take part in MAMA's 2012 Spring Rally that starts with a manufacturers gathering the night of Wednesday May 22 and continues with track and off road driving evaluations of new model cars. . . . . On May 15, top marketing chiefs from GM, Honda, Hyundai and Mazda will discuss "Projecting (and Protecting) Your Brand in Marketing's New World" at an Automotive News seminar in Los Angeles. Contact for more information.



pit notes

Amazon's E-Books and Kindle Fire are changing the publishing business with legacy publishers and literary agents being pushed to the sidelines according to an article in the New York Times by David Streitfield. He quotes Amazon executive Russell Grandinetti, "The only really necessary people in the publishing process now are the writer and reader. Everyone who stands between those two has both risk and opportunity."

For writers, the Internet offers a simple proposition: the more readers you attract, the more you get paid.

Forbes has been doing this for awhile under the aegis of "Entrepreneurial Journalism." This presents some problems for writers Andrew Boer notes in his MediaPost column on performance-based pay. He says, "The biggest problem is that performance–based pay shifts nearly all of the risks on to the writer ... how can the writer control whether publishers promote their content on the home page, have decent page rank or promote content in newsletters?"

A second concern Boer lists is the system's built-in downgrading incentive for authors to write many quick and easy pieces, hoping one of them strikes a bonanza of reader hits. And third, pay for performance has a stigma of commercialism authors used to distain. But, Boer advises they may need to change their minds "because authors are rapidly becoming the primary driver of content distribution." In another article for Online Publishing Insider, Boer sees the writer being "transformed from a freelancer to a minor brand. The author becomes the true publisher in search of a content aggregator with a willingness to pay for his or her audience."

It seems like yesterday that pundits were sure Americans would never pay for online news and commentary. Now they are starting to ante up, according to Steve Smith, in a piece titled "Pay?" appearing in Data and Behavioral Insider, a Mediapost offering, he cites Press+'s experience with metered tariffs that makes the company think peoples' expectations of free content may be shifting.

Press+ works with hundreds of publishers to promote metered payment models and now has 285 sites using the system whereby consumers pay to read more after linking to a number of articles for free over a given period of time. According to Smith, "Press+ says that readers often will opt to subscribe before the system actually cuts them off from more access and forces them to buy-in or abandon. Some papers are seeing more people elect to subscribe off of Subscribe Now house ads on the site than wait until they hit the article limit." Smith adds, however, "Of course, it's still unclear whether the metered approach is realizing the kinds of revenues news publishers need to sustain journalism as we have known it."



new roads

Former editor-in-chief Karl Brauer has his web site up and running. The "Total Car Score" that gives the site its name incorporates a default list of nine equally weighted authoritative auto industry sources including: Consumer Guide, Consumer Reports,, JD Power, MSN autos, The Car Connection, and US News & World Report. In addition, Brauer has assembled a team of automotive journalists and data experts to add reviews, news, commentary and used car prices. Brauer can be reached at:

Bonneville: The Fastest Place on Earth by "Landspeed" Louise Noeth"Landspeed" "Landspeed Louise" Noeth thought she was traveling a familiar road when she bought back the publishing rights to her book: "Bonneville Salt Flats: The Fastest Place on Earth." But it turned out that the University of Utah Press wanted to mark the 2014 celebration of 100 years of racing on the salt by updating and re-publishing her tome. She has been busy gathering photos and interviews about all that was memorable at the western Utah speed grounds since 1998, where her original 156-page ‘Bible of Bonneville" left off. "This edition," she says, "will be held to a higher standard and be suitable for scholarly academic use."

Racer magazine has been re-acquired by Paul Pfanner's Race Media & Marketing Inc. Lawrence Foster continues as editor-in-chief. . . .Wooden Horse News reports Collier's magazine re-launched after being out of print since 1957, taking a "55 year nap." Like the original publication, the new edition covers current events and literary topics. Look for features on the arts, cinema, politics, business, health and finances, as well as other aspects of American life and culture. The magazine is seeking submissions. John Elduff, is the editor, and can be reached at For information visit . . . . Bloomberg Businessweek* re-launched the companion  website on February 28. The revamped site is designed to more closely reflect the print magazine's look, with additional photos and brightly color-coded section tabs. Visitors also will find more analysis, and more links to

Yet another revival is National Speed Sport News which, under new owners, slated its first print edition to debut one year after its storied predecessor bit the dust. As Speed Sport magazine, it is a glossy monthly supplemented by constant updating of Speed Sport Mobile, Speed Sport Digital and its web site: The goal is to continue and expand the exhaustive coverage of all forms of professional motorsports that its predecessor provided under editor emeritus, Chris Econommaki. The new editor is Mike Kerchner. For inquiries email . . Motor Trend launched a YouTube channel, where new episodes of various series will be offered five days a week. It will include material from other titles owned by Motor Trend's parent company, Source Interlink Media. Among them will be Hot Rod and Motorcyclist. Source Interlink Chief Content Officer and Motor Trend Channel Executive Producer Angus MacKenzie, said the company's new move, "continues its transformation from a legacy magazine publishing business to a media-neutral content creation company," according to David Goetsl in Media Daily News.

Also new on the Internet is: from the United Kingdom. The site is an extension of the print version with, as expected, an emphasis on the European circuits and drivers in podcasts, interviews, columns and reviews. . . . Closer to home, Roman Mica and Nathan Adlen signed an agreement with Shankly Productions to produce and distribute a new automotive TV show based on their popular YouTube videos, Fast Lane Car. Shankly is based in Hollywood, Calif. and London, England with affiliates worldwide. . . Drive On YouTube launched in January and takes its audience on the road to races, factories and movie studios. Featured are Leo Parente, Chris Harris, Matt Farah, Alex Roy, Mike Spinelli and Ray Wert ( . . Test Drive, is a new digital magazine launched by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) and the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC), and produced by Totem Communications Group. It can be downloaded at:  . . . is offering enthusiasts a means to create their own online group buys as well as take advantage of vendor group buys through its redesigned web site debuting April 9.



lane changes
Scott Burgess

Scott Burgess and The Detroit News have split, again. After reconciling a much publicized spat when the paper edited one of his columns following a complaint by an advertiser, the erstwhile auto critic left to join AOL Autos as a senior editor. He can be reached at: . . . Let's hope it was money and opportunity that lured Burgess and not the shake- Jaclyn Trop up of the auto staff at the paper. Alan Derringer is the auto editor, Jaclyn Trop now covers Ford, Melissa Burden has the General Motors beat and Alisa Priddle keeps an eye on Chrysler. Christine Tierney is in the paper's Washington Bureau covering Michigan interests there and, apparently, auto shows in Europe.

Mark WillliamsMark Williams ( made the switch from print publishing (Four Wheeler, Truck Trend, Motor Trend) to the web, taking the reins at following Mike Levine's departure to Truck PR at Ford. . . , . . Former Detroit Free Press business and auto editor Sarah A. Webster joined the Society of Mechanical Engineers as Sarah Webstereditor-in-chief of its Manufacturing Engineering Magazine. In addition to the monthly print and digital magazine, she'll oversee yearbooks with in-depth overviews for aerospace and defense, energy, medical and motorized vehicles manufacturing. Editorial inquiries can be sent to . . . Greg Gardner replaced Webster a Free Press auto editor and Christopher Kirkpatrick as business editor. The paper's staff email format is first initial,

John DinkelJohn Dinkel, a man of many parts: engineer editor, consultant, writer, PR man and inveterate punster, imparts that he has departed Green Tech Automotive, which is developing a new electric vehicle. "That means, he says, "I am available for assignments, short or long, in the areas of automotive consulting and communications. The consulting side includes product planning, product development, marketing/sales, public relations, sales training, vehicle analysis, and other misc and sunday (Not a typo--it implies my availability 24/7). Communications? I divide myself into four areas: punmanship, Editorial Irritant and Carmudgeon. What's the fourth? I plead the fifth!" . . . Another two-hatter, Marty Schorr added Editor, Car Guy Chronicles, and chief communications officer of the Sarasota Cafe Racers to his ownership responsibilities at PMPR, Inc. in Sarasota, Fla. Email:

Jeff SchusterJ.D. POWER Automotive Forecasting is now LMC Automotive and Jeff Schuster's new email address is . . . Prolific Canada-based freelancer Mark Hacking has a new email address:  . . . Former Detroit News auto editor Manny Lopez has joined the Mackinac Center for Public Policy as managing editor of Michigan Capitol Confidential. The publication "helps inform Michigan residents of the policy decisions that affect their lives." . . . Josh Max is the host, associate producer and music content provider for the DiscoveryJosh Max Channel's new show "CARnivore," which Max describes as "Pee-Wee's Playhouse for gearheads." Watch the commercial here: Max is also back at the NY Daily News, publishing 6 articles a week to do with all manner of car and truck topics, safety, items of interest and, of course, reviews. He also continues to write a blog, "I, Max" at .

C. van TuneC. Van Tune is now owner and executive producer at 90 in a 35 Productions, Inc. The company is currently developing a feature film and co-developing a TV documentary on the original "Route 66" television series. Van Tune can be reached at . . . . Bryan Laviolette is now Information Bryan LavioletteServices Coordinator at Michigan Credit Union League, associate editor, TheDetroit Bureau and founder and editor at Email him at .  . . Davey Johnson became West Coast Sr. Online Editor for AutoWeek with the start of the year.

Paul ZangariPaul Zangari's new email for Drive-Thru Radio is: and Steve Hammes' new email at Drive Time Productions (video car reviews) in Albany, NY is: . . . .Harsh Luthra's new email CarReviews and News: . . .Steve Trousdale replaced Drew Voros at the Contra Costa Group in Walnut, Ca. Email:  . . . Aaron Robinson's email is

Bruce SmithVeteran truck writer Bruce Smith has added the editorship of Propickup Magazine to his outlets as well as another email: for material intended for Propickup: . . .Haig Stoddard returned to Ward's Auto as industry analyst. Email:  . . . Lawrence Papoff's email at Canadian Autoworld is  . . .  Rob Merwin has replaced Kevin Loewen as an editor at Parts and People. Email:

When became a part of Source Interlink, JoelJoel Arellano Arellano's email became: . . . Kendra Hogue is auto editor for The Oregonian and John Vincent writes for and designs the paper's weekly auto section. Emails at are: khogue and jvincent. . . . Bernard Simon, has left the Financial Times where he has been Canada and North America correspondent since 2004. Previously, he was Canada business correspondent for the New York Times.



praise agents

John McCandlessJohn McCandless' Road Reports consulting service was awarded The Suburban Collection account that includes 40 franchises in 30 locations including dealerships in Michigan, Florida and California. Contact Road Reports at:  . . . Former Ford PR man Michael Phillips informed his WAPA buddies that he is moving on to the Virginia Clean Cities Coalition, a public private partnership working on alternative fuels and merging transportation technologies. He can be Laura Olivetocontacted or 434-760-4485 . . . . Laura Oliveto is now Sr. VP, Business Development BASSO Design Group, an award-winning provider of web experiences and online marketing campaigns. Previously with AutoCom Associate Oliveto can be reached at:

Mike Geylin reports that Kermish-Geylin PR has been named the communications agency for BMW Financial Services. He will act as media-relations manager for the new client who offers s range of consumer and dealer financial services both within and without the BMW and Mini sales networks. BMW Insurance Agency, BMW Bank of North America (credit card products) and Alphera Financial Services are part of the group. Geylin can be contacted at:

Dan Kahn, advises that Kahn Media has been named PR agency of record for B & M and Hurst and will handle social media, trade show and motorsports support as well as PR. Email him at . . . A link to a video tribute to Dan Johnston prompted by his retirement from Volvo Cars North America PR after years of service, was sent along by Bob Kocher who didn't spare superlatives in his introduction to an engaging short speech by Johnston at a dinner where his retirement was announced:  . . . Steve Plumb has moved from editor at the Autobeat Group to Account Manager with the Millerschin Group in Auburn Hills, Mich. Try

AutoCom Associates, a Michigan-based public relations firm specializing in automotive and high-tech communications, has signed a partnership agreement with Automotive PR (APR), an international automotive public relations group. . . . Honda North America, Inc.'s presence in America is detailed in charts, tables and videos on a new web site launched by its government relations office: Manufacturing, employment, purchasing history, R &D, Parts & Suppliers an Investment Map and more information is available to journalists, regulators and policy makers at all levels of government.

Praise Agents: Comments?


across the finish line

Laura Clark GeistLaura Clark Geist - An Automotive News staffer for five years, an industry freelancer for 19 years and author of two books: Praying Through Cancer and Free From Fear.

Gary Dolson – Popular Goodyear Canada PR man. A lengthy, light tribute to him is in Norris McDonald's Auto Racing column for Wheels, Ca on Feb. 29.

Patrick Paternie – Well-liked freelance auto writer and Porsche lover who whose work appeared in AutoWeek for 12 years and in more than 125 magazines over 25 years. He had just finished a race at Willow Springs when he was felled by a heart attack at age 65.

Alan Mann - Driver and head of Alan Mann racing in the 60's. A brief tribute to his career: March 22.

Jizeng " Jay" ChenJizeng "Jay" Chen - Publisher of Asian Fortune passed away on January 31, 2012 from a brain aneurysm.





- 30-

Glenn Camppbell, Owner, Publisher

Glenn F. Campbell

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