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february 2013

the road ahead

In a column on What Data Can't Do, New York Times writer David Brooks noted "The haystack gets bigger, but the needle we are looking for is still buried deep inside." However, the implication that the growing mound of data makes the Internet increasingly difficult to navigate and utilize may not be correct.

The Opte Project: Mapping the Internet in a Single Day

The Opte Project illustrates the 14 billion pages of our networked web. Image courtesy of the opte project: "mapping the internet in a single day."

Hungarian physicist Albert-Lazlo Barabási, as reported in science news on the web site, discovered it only takes 19 clicks or less to connect any two pages of the estimated 14 billion pages of data on the Internet.The ability to boil down and interrelate Internet data has led to magazine advertising customized according to a reader's demographics, reading habits and travels around the Internet.

And now, The Wooden Horse News reports the personalization of magazine content has arrived. Road & Track will be one of the first digital magazines to utilize "responsive design" which rearranges the sites based on the size of the screen, so that smart phone and tablet users have a good experience, but so do PC visitors."

"Later, a magazine could create several different versions of an article with different headlines and images to appeal to different site visitors." The "Horse" and other critics are concerned that content constantly confirming a reader's opinions and outlook will become boring and cause site visits to drop and create insular communities.

Another example of "Big Data" being successfully employed was offered by David Carr in his recent New York Times piece tracing data's role in Netflix's creation of its first original series, "House Of Cards." As Carr recounts, "Netflix seems to be making it look easy, or at least making it a product of logic and algorithms as opposed to tradition and instinct."


road signs

"In order to stay ahead of the game and be ready for the next social up-and-comer, publishers need a comprehensive way to gather insights into how their content performs across the entire social Web." So says Paul Lentz in the February 12 Online MediaDaily. He elaborated: "Greater insights into the social quality of content can help publishers defend the CPMs they're trying to get and combat the commoditization of online ad space. In print, the focus was on the circulation metric. Now, the standard is site traffic and referrals."  . . .  Or, in a NY Times article by Tanzina Vega, the standard may be "fast-paced, algorithmic bidding systems that target individual consumers rather than the aggregate audience publishers serve up."

In the world of "programmatic buying" technologies, context matters less than tracking those consumers wherever they go. The more choices algorithms offer an advertiser for reaching a quarry, the less valuable the content of any single location becomes.

Joe Mandese wrote in Online Media Daily: "...a new platform will add a fourth term to Madison Avenue's Holy Trinity of paid, earned and owned: appropriated. Titled inPowered, the new platform enables marketers to sort through the torrent of so-called 'expert' content -- stories written by professional journalists or bona fide bloggers -- about their brands, filter them based on sentiment, and then automatically feed the most positive ones into their own paid advertising." It is like Hollywood using critics' comments in movie ads, but much easier, faster and on a much grander scale.  The question asked but not answered in a comment on the story, "does the author get compensated for use of his words"

AOL's digital prophet, David Shing told his audience at a recent digital conference, "Mobile is the first screen – not one of you walked in here with a TV today." He also proclaimed as reported by Online Media Daily's Steve McLelland, "As a media currency, ratings are "rubbish." The new currency is "attention." Most writing pros have always known that. . . . Other good news for journalists is a survey in England that revealed young people who own a tablet are more likely to use it to read news.


mac's detroit dispatch

Screening Top Detroit Show Cars

New-Model Surge Speeds 2014 Rollout

An almost unprecedented mid-model-year product surge is shaping up in 2013, promising to speed up reveals of 2014 models and accelerate leasing ratios to near-record rates.

Maynard 'Mac' Gordon

Maynard "Mac" Gordon

Emerging from the Chicago, Milwaukee and Cleveland auto shows, the industry is pressing dealers to spur early returns of offlease vehicles so as to accommodate the ongoing spike in sales. It's a tide that U.S. automakers have not experienced since the downhill bankruptcy and recession years of 2008-2010.

What's more, nearly all makes are benefiting from the surge, leading to a boost in 3-shift production schedules and boosting new-model rollouts from year-end to midyear time frames as never before.

Assessing the impact:

  • Elena Ford, 46, takes charge of a new global-dealer standards upgrade operation. She's a cousin of executive chairman Bill Ford and since 2009 has headed Ford's global marketing operations. Ford dealers, the industry's longest-running, are facing top-level mandates to "shape up or ship out."

  • Ford offers to invest up to $750,000 in facility renovations-all 3,100 U.S. dealers are eligible to match funds via Ford Credit, as interest-free loan deal is KO'd.

  • More Lincolns will reward compliant Ford dealers as luxury brand adds body styles and powerplants, goes on sale in China .

  • Cadillac and Chevrolet point for segment sales leadership in markets, nationally. Chevy model count grows to 13, with 2014-model Impala due in April, fullsize Silverado in June.

  • Chrysler once again runs short on factory inventory of Jeep Wranglers, Grand Cherokees, promises 10 new Fiat and Alfa Romeo nameplates by 2016, with 4C 2+2 sportster due at NY auto show this spring.

How will imports respond?

  • Alfa Romeo-going to top Fiat stores first?

  • VW-building 3,500 retro yellow-and-black Beetles, phasing out Golf.

  • Kia-restyled Forte sedan now on sale, using Hyundai Elantra platform; dealers urged to expand facilities.

  • Audi- On target to sell 150,000 units in the U.S. this year, up 8,000 from 2012.

  • MINI-115 U.S. dealers told 2013 will bring record sales of over last year's 66,123 units; adding a plant in the Netherlands this year.

  • Acura-Boosting sales 19 percent in U.S. this year as dealer count hits 265.

  • Mazda-strong multi-import dealers up sales from loyal owners for restyled Mazda 6, CX-5.

  • VW-Clinging to million sales goal in U.S. by 2018-(800K VW, 200K Audi)

  • Mitsubishi-A near-miss in U.S. several years ago pledges comeback as 2014 Outlander takes off. No pullout a la Suzuki on tap.

  • Hyundai-U.S. Sales goal boosted to 730,000 this year despite absence of buyer rebates or stair-step dealer incentives-owner loyalty program substituted. MPG rating flub fades as issue, owing to speed in sending owners free-fuel cards.

  • BMW-Facility overhauls urged-factory plans to help dealer profits boosts (where's all the money going?)

  • Infiniti-Surge in inventory planned for top sellers QX 56, FX by new leader, ex-Audi Chief Johan de Nysschen.

  • Honda-Honda credit raising leasing share as low inventory banks refill under dealer pressure.

  • Jaguar-AWD added to all models, including new $60K F-Type-roadster choice of 4-cyl/6-cyl engines.

  • Mercedes-Quarterly conference calls set to ameliorate dealers, who sold 274K cars in U.S. last year (no smarts?)

  • Volvo-Flattening sales tackled as no new or refreshed cars appear- (only 68,117 sold in U.S. last year)

  • Subaru-Up to 400K sales on tap this year, including (100K built in Lafayette, IN). First Subaru hybrid coming at NY show.

  • VW-En route to 1M mark in U.S. sales, VW eyes 480K this year, up 11 percent from 2012. Dealers asked to boost profit margins from 2.3 percent low.

  • Nissan-new models on stream, but dealers object to shipping delays. Coming up: Versa hatchback, Rogue crossover, fullsize Titan pickup in 2015.

  • Range Rover- seeks more cars from U.K. Plant, with prices starting at $88,545. Exec Chris Marchand says factory still sold out for six months to a year. Top-priced Autobiography model is $130,995.

Click here for all the Detroit Dispatches.


autowriters spotlight
John Lamm

John Lamm

When Road & Track moved to the Midwest and left its California staff behind, there was little worry about what its outstanding free-lance photojournalist correspondent John Lamm would do next. His work has been his passport for three plus decades, earning him assignments and awards from around the world. Although, photography comes to mind first when his name is mentioned. John has won both a Ken Purdy and a Dean Batchelor award for his writing. Sure enough, immediately after his R&T contract expired John was named West Coast Online Editor for Car and Driver. How he got to the enviable position of being more sought after than searching for is lightly recounted in this month's Autowriter's Spotlight.

Call it a blessing or good luck, but there's an advantage to figuring out what you want to do for a living when you're too young to understand the consequences of that decision. For me, choosing to become an automotive journalist at 15 turned out to be a good idea, despite adults asking, "Okay, but when are you going to get a real job?"

I'd come to understand I had no desire to go into any occupation that would pay enough to buy a Ferrari, then read a piece by Bernard Cahier about going to Monza to test some Abarths and thought, "Gee, what a great way to drive cool cars."

I'm still not ready get a real job...and just yesterday received an e-mail from a young man asking me how to get into our business. I can only relate my experiences.

First, of course, comes education, in my case a degree from the University of Wisconsin, an accomplishment I share with Peter Egan, Jim Crow and Ken Purdy (his dad wrote On Wisconsin). Must have been something in the cheese.

John Lamm (02)

Next, experience. Get out and do it. I was fumbling with cameras and typewriters from the start. Education helps here, but working at it, making the mistakes matters. I was also lucky to have worked with some very talented photographers like Bob D'Olivo and the late Fred Enke, who were wonderful about passing on advice.

Never stop learning. Obviously that applies to the automotive side of what we do...surface carburetors versus piezoelectric injectors? But also to the devices we use to get the story across, be it a laptop, a still digital camera or one of the GoPro video cameras stuck to every car at every press launch these days. Could Photoshop please create a GoPro filter that wipes those (literal) suckers off an image?

The mechanical side of what we do has become so easy. Laptops with automatic spellcheck and Wi-Fi. SD cards versus tape in camcorders. Going to Le Mans with a pair of 32GB CF cards versus hauling around 40 rolls of Ektachrome. I recall stressing over "pushing" that film's speed to ISO (then called ASA) 400 at races. A few weeks ago I was shooting after dark at Daytona at ISO 51,200. Very cool. By the way, the world has changed so quickly Ektachrome isn't in Word's spellcheck. So it goes.

Photographer John Lamm in Action

Easy as it may be, you can still take a crappy photo with a $7,000 Canon EOS-1D X and write junk on MacBook Air. Not doing that is where the work part comes in...what makes what we do a real job.

It also helps that I've worked with so many terrific people, first at Motor Trend, then Road & Track and now Car and Driver. To answer the inevitable question from some of you, I wish Larry Webster and the new guys at Road & Track all the best. I spent too many years wearing R&T shirts to want otherwise. Then again, I'm delighted to be with Eddie Alterman, Erik Johnson and everyone at Car and Driver. Good people.

Ironically, when I came back from Vietnam, C and D was my first choice of where I wanted to work. David E. Brock and their great art director, Gene Butera, were my heroes. Then-editor Leon Mandel didn't hire me, so I headed for California. Leon later became a friend and mentor and we laughed about that first meeting many times.

At that point, Leon was with Autoweek, which was my first gig when I was still at the UW, one of their Midwest shooters. And speaking of shooting, Autoweek almost got me killed in Vietnam...but that's another story.


regional news


Snowy night in new hampshire for NEMPA Vehicle Test Days

For the second time in three years NEMPA had to postpone its Winter Vehicle Test Day due to snow - lots and lots of snow. They held it a week later and will announce the results down the road.

Middle Atlantic

WAPA's February luncheon meeting hosted Consumer Reports' announcement of the “top picks” in its annual automotive issue. This year, instead of adding up the results of an average of 5000 miles of testing, evaluations and owner reports to determine the top automakers, the magazine reported the top individual brands in seven product segments: Lexus, Subaru, Mazda, Toyota, Acura, Honda and Scion. A number of brands were not included in the testing.

Southeast (and beyond)

Cadillac Prototype 1
For the first time in 64 years the first Cadillac to wear the name "Coupe de Ville" will make a public appearance. The site for this historic re-debut is the 18th annual Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance on March 10, 2013.

It may not yet enjoy the prestige of Pebble Beach but Bill Warner and crew are doing their best to make the Amelia Island Concours as famous. Here are the headlines of news releases received in February:









BARBADOS Historic Rally Carnival included with the Southeast events because "We're here to have a good time."  The task at hand: to fit as much partying, socializing and motorsport enjoyment into fourteen days of RallySprinting, tarmac stage-rallying, cruising, beach parties, BBQ's, and all of the other activities we've arranged. August 15 to 27. For details check:


MAMA members elected Kirk Bell their President and Bryan Joslin their Sr. Vice President. Bell can be reached at The group also set the dates for its Spring Rally as May 21-23.

West Coast

Los Angeles' Petersen Automotive Museum's newest exhibit, Fins: Form Without Function, opened Feb. 23. It examines fins and cars; a design intended to resemble a contemporary jet fighter or space rocket's tailfin and engine sections. The exhibit, will feature more than a dozen vehicles ranging from icons like the 1959 Cadillac to the 1937 Delage Aerosport. It runs through Feb. 2, 2014.

Moving up the coast to the San Francisco Bay Area, The Blackhawk Automotive Museum launched a newsletter to spread the word about "the wonderful cars we showcase along with upcoming events and activities." The Museum joined with Worth Magazine and Aston Martin in a February gala celebrating the start of the make's second century in the car business.

In March Steve Moal of Moal Coachbuilders will talk about "the fascinating and beautiful works that are crafted in this San Francisco Bay Area facility." Contact executive director Tim McGrane to get on the Newsletter list: or call 925-736-2280 ext 100.

awards and events

Applications for space at 2013 SEMA Show are available at The Show is set for November 5-8, 2013, in Las Vegas . . . A 60th Anniversary Gala on Friday, March 1, kicks-off the Petersen Museum's two-day celebration of the Corvette's 60th Anniversary. The evening of cocktails, dinner, and live memorabilia auction will feature iconic speakers, including Kirk Bennion, lead designer of the Corvette C7 Stingray. Register a Corvette and buy tickets online at or call (323) 964-6325.

1960 CERV I -  The first mid-engine prototype

Another gala and inauguration will be held in the nation's capital on March 12 when WAPA stages its 24th annual gala. The John Lynker  Golden Gear Award will be presented and new WAPA president Melanie Batenchuk will be inaugurated at the National Press Club event. . . . Peter Brock was presented the annual Road Racing Drivers Club's Hill Award for outstanding service to road racing. Deemed. "A true motorsports Renaissance Man - a designer, author, team owner and photojournalist," Brock has achieved and contributed to motorsports in each of those fields. RRDC president Bobby Rahal presented the award to Brock . . . . The RRDC also honored Miles Collier with the Bobby Akim award given to a driver who best exemplifies the extraordinary qualities and characteristics that Akin represented, including a passion for motorsports and automobiles, a high level of sportsmanship and fair play, and who has contributed to the sport of motor racing.

Peter Brock and Bobby Rahal. Photo credit: Brian Cleary

Volkswagen enthusiasts are offered a "Magical Mystery Funfest" in the cornfields of central Illinois, courtesy of Mid-America Motorworks from May 31 through June 2. It is the 15th fun fest for air-cooled VW fans. Advance registration and more information are available at or by calling 800–500-1500.


new roads

Meg Weaver's weekly E-newsletter Wooden Horse Magazine Media News provides freelancers an excellent overview of trends, action and opportunities in the magazine industry. Not specifically for autowriters but often tips they, and most freelancers can use. Here are a few from recent issues that may be of interest: "For anyone, who writes, there is now a new way to claim credit. I just found a really good article about ‘Google Authorship' – what it is, why you need it, and how to set it up, at ... an article everyone should read – everyone, that is, who wants his or her blog to be found. If you are flailing around for keywords to enhance your Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO, and it's not second nature, check out this article at" And, of course, at her website ( her own Twelve New Things Writers Must Do Today To Make Money - A downloadable ebook that includes a customizable template for query letters that fits every kind of non-fiction article.

The inaugural Pinehurst Concours d' Elegance, on Saturday and Sunday May 4-5 will be preceded on Friday, May3, with the "Iron Mike Rally" – a picturesque road rally along a 35-mile route from the Pinehurst Resort to Fort Brag, N.C. followed by a parade field show. The rally is named after the iconic "Iron Mike" statue, located near Fort Bragg headquarters, that represents all U.S. paratroopers, past, present and future. For general information, visit:


passing scene

The CarBuzzard reported that a British motorist was arrested while attempting sex with his pickup truck. From the few details available in the "g-rated" blog the act was a straightforward hood seduction but met England’s definition of perversion and the perp was jailed. . . . . British motorwriter Mark Hales told Media Digest that he faces bankruptcy after losing a court case over damages to a classic Porsche 917 he was driving in a track session. He said that the gear jumped out causing the damage. The car’s owner, former Formula One driver David Piper, said the damages were caused by Hales "over-revving" the engine. The judge agreed and told Hales, "You bend it, you mend it." At a cost of 103,000£ in repairs and legal fees.

Songwriters and play writers have joined with The Authors Guild in seeking the right to sue Google in a class action suit. The groups say a class-action lawsuit is the only realistic means for many content creators to enforce their copyrights when their works are digitized without permission. Groups joining in the suit are Dramatists Guild, National Writers' Union, Romance Writers of America, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Songwriters Guild of America, and the Text and Academic Authors Association.

The entry deadline for the 22nd International Automotive Media Competition has been extended to March 8. Entry forms are on the website: . . . . Car Guy Nation (CGN), the online buying and social community for avid car enthusiasts, announced today that they have signed Elkhart Lake's Road America Inc. to an exclusive three-year Marketing Partner Agreement. The Car Guy Nation Marketing Partner Program rewards organizations that attract large numbers of car enthusiasts,

Television's "Vintage Vehicle Show", hosted and produced by Lance Lambert, has been picked up by the Tach TV network. Tach TV's release of the show is initially being broadcast on four Florida stations and will be available in several additional states by the end of the year. Over 100 stations currently broadcast the show and 2013 is the 20th anniversary of the "Vintage Vehicle Show". The parent company, Vintage Vehicle Productions, recently completed production of the 430th episode.


lane changes

Zane BinderZane Binder, a long-time Hearst employee, writes he is "seeking HONEST new car-testing employment (no PR). Have car will travel." He can be emailed at: or telephoned at: 772-774-8892 . . . Tim Spell has retired from The Houston Chronicle but continues to write Motor Matters for The BeaumontMark Bilek Enterprise. Email him: . . . . For those besides AWCOM who did not know, Paul Brian retired as Chicago Auto Show communications director after the 2012 event and Mark Bilek (picture-r) succeeded him at 630-424-6082 and:  . . .Scott Burgess hop scotched from The Detroit News to AOL Autos to Motor Trend's Detroit office. He can be reached by phone at 248-345-6626 or emailed: . . . . Jon Crowley, editor of Crowley OffRoad can be emailed: Doug .  . . . Not a lane change but a name and number change for the Irwindale Speedway. It is now the Irwindale Event Center, in honor of its expanded activity offerings, AWCom presumes. New telephone numbers for the venue and email for the newly titled vice president of communications, Doug Stokes (picture-l),were announced by the man himself: Office. 626-358-1100, cell, 626 -391-3772 and  . . .Peter Brown Jacques Gordon, veteran freelance writer/editor In the automotive parts field, has been named managing editor of the Mobile Air Conditioning Society's MACS Action™ magazine. . . Peter Brown (picture-r) is retiring from Automotive News after nearly a quarter of a century at the publication serving as editor, associate publisher and publisher. Editor Jason Stein adds publisher to his title. 


- 30-

Glenn Camppbell, Owner, Publisher

Glenn F. Campbell

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March 2013
1-2 Petersen Automotive Museum: Corvette Day(s), Los Angeles, CA
5 WAJ: The Silicon Valley Car, Danville, CA
7-17 Geneva Motor Show: Geneva,  Switzerland
8-10 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance
12 SAE: 2013 Electric Powertain Technologies Symposium, Inidanapolis, IN
12 MPG: Luncheon, TBA
19 MAMA: Luncheon, CATA, Chrysler
19 IMPA: Luncheon, BMW, New York, NY
20 WAPA: Luncheon, Mazda, Nat'l Press Club
21 APA: Luncheon, Chrysler, Detroit Athletic Club, Detroit, MI
27-28 Greater New York International Auto Show: Media Days, New York, NY
29-April 7 Greater New York International Auto Show: Public Days, New York, NY
April 2013
9 MPG: Luncheon, Ford Design Center, Irvine, CA
11 APA: Luncheon, Steel Market Development Institute, Detroit, MI
16 IMPA: Luncheon, New York, NY, TBA
16-18 SAE 2013 World Congress & Exhibition: Detroit, MI
22-24 WAJ: Media Days, Monterey, CA
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May 2013
9 APA: Luncheon, Michelin Design Panel, Detroit, MI
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Re: The Finish Line

Robb Mahr and Jack Teahen. Two of the greats of the profession.

Jim Mateja


Praise (deserved or not)

Glenn, thanks for doing a fantastic job with your newsletter. It's a great way to keep up!

John Clinard


Glenn, so great to receive your newsletter and catch up on news and old friends. Although I rather abruptly disappeared from the automotive scene after getting the boot from Entrepreneur magazine and dithering around with online media, I am now hovering in the air instead of on the road. I've just finished a biography of helicopter legend Frank Robinson; a ghosted book for a retired tycoon, and a crime novel that includes a female race car driver and a Healy BN1. Regards to everyone out there!

Jill Amadio,


Hi Glenn... great update on many subjects...keep up the good work!

Carl Sheffer



Hi Glenn,

Correction needed for the 2013 Fiat 500 news item--the 108-mpg fuel efficiency you mention is for the electric version (mpg equivalent). Keep up the great work!

LB (Lindsay Brooke)


Hey Glenn,

How are you? Correction on your Nissan/Infiniti coverage from Detroit Auto Show.

The Infiniti Q50 sedan is not called the Resonance. The Resonance is a concept vehicle we showed on the Nissan side along with the Versa. Can you make a correction on that?

Steve Oldham


Hello Glenn,

At the bottom of the newsletter where you have all the press associations listed please make a change under the MPG logo. Currently you show Laura Burstein as President, Aaron Gold is the new President beginning in 2013.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Larry (Rusznak)
Business Operations Manager – Motor Press Guild


Fitzgerald Vs. Hemingway

A quote attributed to Hemingway in the last issue awakened a few literature lovers and, perhaps, by this time, Bartlett's Familiar Quotations subsequent to the 14th Edition. We checked it just to be sure it was Fitzgerald and, lo, there it was - attributed to Hemingway as we wrote it. But, our scholarly readers make Bartlett's citation confusing at best:

It was his reply to the rich are different than you and me. He said, yes, they have more money. Its from A Moveable Feast. The original line is from Gatsby.


Glenn--Thanks for forwarding the newsletter, which I enjoy reading. However, the quotation you attribute to Hemingway actually derives from a very famous quotation from F. Scott Fitzgerald in a short story called "The Rich Boy." The exact quotation is "Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me." People often shorten the quotation the way you did but attribute it to Fitzgerald.

That's because in his story "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" Hemingway (Note: there's only one MM in Hemingway) paraphrased Fitzgerald and then took a crack at him by saying that someone had once replied to "poor Scott Fitzgerald"... "Yes, they have more money."

Here's what Hemingway said in his story:

"The rich...were dull and they drank too much, or they played too much backgammon. They were dull and they were repetitious. He remembered poor Scott Fitzgerald and his romantic awe of them and how he had started a story once that began, "The very rich are different from you and me." And how some one had said to Scott, Yes, they have more money. But that was not humorous to Scott. He thought they were a special glamorous race and when he found they weren't it wrecked him as much as any other thing that wrecked him."

This jumped out at me in your newsletter because in my youth I read just about everything written by Fitzgerald and Hemingway and in journalism school I did a thesis on literary aspects of Esquire magazine, where the Snows of Kilimanjaro originally appeared.

This is probably more than you want to know about this, but that's how it is.

Best regards,

Thane Peterson

# # #

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