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The Road Ahead

Video: Circet Bracelet

A Cicret Bracelet concept from Israel is a startling reminder of how the physical gap between our body and the Internet is narrowing.

Eric Schmidt, Google's top executive, made headlines when he told a World Economics Forum, "the Internet will disappear." Not in the way Google Glass exited the public stage recently for another look-see in the company's technical and marketing workshops. More like water for fish or air for humans "disappear" until they actually are missing. Even as Schmidt spoke, the world of connected things grew closer to becoming part of us.

Oculus Rift delivered a dramatic look during the Sundance Festival at what virtual reality could do and Microsoft's HoloLens debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show. Both require a head-mounted device, HoloLens akin to a welder's mask. VR as AWCom understands it, puts our minds inside the outside world while David Carr in the New York Times sees a HoloLens as imposing a Microsoft construct that shapes what the mind perceives. It is yet another screen (TV, Tablet, Computer, Cell Phone, etc.) between the individual and the reality. Carr fears, "as screens have proliferated, the amount of actual, unencumbered reality we experience seems endangered." And his fears may be well founded.

This video demonstrates the amazing Graphene material that is stronger than diamonds, more flexible than rubber, thinner than paper, and amazingly conductive. Some day, when we have a better map of our mind's neural networks, graphene could be slipped under the skin to actually become part of our mental processes, making us all savants, wizards in math and sharing the same moral imperatives:

Video: Graphene on The One Show

As we approach a virtual "body electric" Gord Hotchkiss worries in an Online Spin Column, "It will be an odd relationship with technology that will have to develop. Even if we lower our guard on letting machines do much of our "thinking" (in terms of processing environmental inputs for us) we still have to learn how to give machines guidelines so they know what our intentions are. This raises the question, "How smart do we want machines to become?" Do we want machines that can learn about us over time, without explicit guidance from us? Are we ready for technology that guesses what we want?"


new roads

Erik Sass writes in Media Daily News, "Bloomberg has launched a new online flagship site, Bloomberg Business, combining and replacing two previously separate Web destinations, Bloomberg.com and Businessweek.com." He says the purpose of the move is to expand Bloomberg's global reach beyond financial to the business audience in general. . . . . Tech News says Verizon is launching a competitor to GM's OnStar that is compatible with "nearly every vehicle made since 1996" and it will be available directly to consumers, regardless of their wireless carrier, according to Pete Sucia. Labeled Verizon Vehicle, it can be pre-ordered now; pricing is US $14.99 a month with a two-year contract. Additional vehicles can be added to the plan for $12.99 per month.

Elon Musk: As Vibrant as DEtroit Itself.

Elon Musk and The Simpsons: As Vibrant as Detroit Itself.

Not all of Elon Musk's eggs are in Tesla and SpaceX commutes. He is reportedly funding a five-mile-long test track in Texas for his envisioned Hyperloop high-speed transportation system, writes Richard Adhikari in TechNewsWorld.com. He says it is for companies, students, universities and others to test and develop. Musk's believes a closed, nearly air-tight system – much like the old vacuum tubes used in some department stores and today in drive-in banks to safely and quickly transfer cash and receipts to a central cashier, would be much cheaper to build between Los Angeles and San Francisco, for example, than the high-speed train link now underway between the two cities.

Veteran journalist Victor E. Sasson apparently is enjoying the independence of his freelance blog, Shocking Car News. He recently derided auto writers and AP for circulating stories suggesting Chevy's Bolt and Tesla's Model 3 would compete for the same buyers. "If you treat an auto writer to an espresso and pastry before a splashy press conference, he or she will write almost anything." . . . . In explaining why Telematics Update is now TU-Automotive, the company's marketing manager wrote, "We are witnessing automakers evolve from heavy manufacturers into nimble technology companies and the self-driving car move from the realms of science fiction onto the reality of our highways. The car as we know it is soon to be extinct."

Google car insurance comparison site - UK

Google Readies U.S. Auto Insurance Comparison Site - And It's Just The Beginning is the headline for Laurie Sullivan's story in Search Marketing Daily that links several signs and reasons why the company is about to enter this market. . . . Autoproyecto.com, will expand its video content distribution to national television and IPTV in a partnership with MiCasa Network (MCBN) starting March 1, 2015.


autowriters spotlight

Bill McCallum may not be a contrarian but he certainly has gone his own way since 1988 when he founded his Auto News. It was a transition from an auto section he created while a manager for a chain of weekly newspapers based in Redmond, Washington. The monthly paper served Seattle area enthusiasts with auto news and if it was confused with the national Automotive News, it was in the beholder's eyes, not in McCallum's business plan.

His concept was delivering automotive news to auto enthusiasts with a free monthly tabloid (28 pages) distributed at locations where readers frequent. It has grown and expanded for 27 straight years. When the newspaper's reach extended beyond Seattle he changed the name to Puget Sound Auto News. When the paper expanded outside of Washington and down the West Coast he re-titled it Auto News of America and more recently, Global Auto News.

The print edition, which is still growing, is distributed from automotive retail locations in 7 western states (WA, OR, CA, AZ, NV, ID, MT) and to a mailing list of journalists, auto executives, ad agencies, and auto enthusiasts across the U.S. Each issue is also uploaded to a website www.autonewsonline.com

While automotive print journalism is shrinking, McCallum's paper has grown from local to global. The secret, he says, is the content, which comes from press releases, automaker product launches and a stellar network of freelance writers (some of the regulars are pictured below):

Autonewsonline Writers

Each issue provides vehicle reviews, industry news, entertainment industry news, collector car auction results, motorsports and Asian and European newsbytes. Special Sections include: Politics & Environment, Women in the Auto World and Tire & Aftermarket products. He doesn't worry about building a subscription base because the newspaper is free and he doesn't charge his advertisers for uploading each issue to the Internet.

Typically, his thinking on the field of automotive journalism continues to counter that of other observers. He writes, "The current challenge seems to be new venues, i.e. Internet, social media, U-Tube, Twitter, etc. . . . What we sometimes forget is that in the past both newspapers and magazines were 'cash cows' from a business standpoint with the result being to many newspapers and WAY TO MANY AUTO MAGAZINES in the market place. Part of the reason for the cut back in print publications in the U.S. is the result of consolidation in an over-crowded market place and NOT readers transition to the Internet. The same is true for traditional radio and TV. That being said, I feel social media reporting has a short term life and in the near future you will see the same consolidation with Internet and mobile phone venues. It's important for autowriters to 'stay-the-course', keep an open mind as to new venues, and reach out to Global Automotive Publications who want info on the U.S. market."

And he's against the tide on another hot auto topic: "On another matter, I think the idea of driverless cars is a marketing ploy by the technology companies to generate more profits and I'm very surprised automakers are buying into the idea."


passing scene

Reuters TV

Reuters has launched a new mobile TV news service app, Reuters TV, offering curated, personalized video news content Erik Sass reports in Media Daily News. The service will come in two forms, Reuters Now that can be downloaded and Live Feeds, real-time round-the-clock coverage. . . . Apple is talking about its own TV service according to Peter Kafka writing for RE/Code. He concludes Apple wants to provide programming. That could mean work for content creators. . . .More good news along those lines, Daisy Whitney notes in Video Daily that increasing sales of connected devices are creating "hunger for more digital content." 

Dark Social, in case you were wondering, is defined by Tom Edwards in Social Media Insider as, "the sharing activity that is somewhat invisible to traditional analytics. It's the culmination of referrals and sharing of content that originates from instant messages, e-mails containing links, and most recently, the rise of ephemeral social communication platforms such as Snapchat, WeChat and WhatsApp. More or less personal communications that marketers are anxious to monetize." . . . Even darker are nine cars that disappeared in 2014, according to 24/7 Wall St.: Dodge Avenger, Acura TL, Acura TSX, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Chrysler 200 Convertible, Scion XD, Nissan Cube, Honda Insight, Acura ILX Hybrid.

Among the persons who responded to a survey as to why they posted online reviews nearly two thirds did it to be "good guys" according to MediaPost's Center For Media Research. It wrote, "According to a new study by YouGov, consumers don't write online reviews to release anger. Instead, among US Internet users who posted online customer reviews, the top reason for doing so was to help others make better purchasing decisions, cited by 62% of respondents, while 13% of respondents wanted to warn others of a bad experience, only 12% wanted to expose a bad vendor.

YouGov Graph: Why people write reviews

"Women are responsible for buying over 13 million cars at new car dealerships; that's an impressive 36,000 vehicles a day," writes Anne Fleming. President of Women-Drivers.com in her weekly Women's Wednesday newsletter. She says her site empowers women by providing the opportunity to share their voice and provide productive opinions and she notes the Women's Satisfaction Index with respect to visits to new car dealerships is improving, year-to-year.


pit notes

Michael Martinez reports in The Detroit News that an MTV study shows, "75 percent of those between the ages of 18 and 34 — commonly known as millennials — would rather give up social media for a day than forgo their car. About 72 percent agree they would rather give up texting for a week than their car." He says this counters recent thought and MTV attributes it to an improving economy and this group "aging into car ownership." . . . . Andrew Del-Colle's Popular Mechanics piece, Here's Why You Want Holes In Your Supercar's Lights, provides humorous takes on the "holes" around the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat's front driver-side headlight and the "hollowed out" exits for hot air around the rear taillights of the 2017 GT Ford, debuted at the Detroit Auto Show. A number of automotive journalists Del-Colle interviews gave responses to this relatively-new-to-production-models fillip that feeds more oxygen to the Dodge engine and abets the Ford’s intercoolers.

Here's a link to an impressive car ad:

Video Honda "Hands"

Steve Jewett sent along a statement by Jim Fleming, president of the Connecticut Automotive Retailers Association, that assures his group is willing to work with Tesla, if Elon Musk really means what he said about being willing to work with franchised dealers. . . . . Some 216 teams (sporting 1100+ drivers) took the starting laps at LeMons' Thunderhill Raceway Park event last September, thereby setting a Guinness World Record for "Most Participants in a Car Race" according to the series impresario, John 'Jay' Lamm.

And another car video at the other end of the spectrum sent in by a reader who advises: "all those who do not know what a manual choke and straight pipes are, can leave now. The rest of you old guys will enjoy the fun....You can bet this was a trick not taught by the boy scouts."


awards and events

Entries are now open for the 24th International Automotive Media Competition (IAMC). All work produced for publication and distribution during calendar year 2014 is eligible. Whether created for press or public relations purposes, in print, online, video, radio/podcast, books, newspapers, calendars, photos, design, or graphics, virtually everything except advertising is eligible. The on-time entry deadline is April 15th, 2015, and the on-time entry fee remains at $65.00 per entry. The entry form and rules.

SEMA invites business and industry experts to submit applications to present a seminar at the 2015 SEMA Show taking place Nov. 3-6, 2015, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Applications for speaker submissions are available until February 18, 2015. For more details, contact SEMA Education Director Zane Clark at zanec@sema.org, 909-978-6743.

Cybersecurity and the threat to connected and automated cars.

Connected & Automated Vehicles and the Cybersecurity Threat: How Industry is Responding

Nominations for Automotive News' selection of 100 Leading Women In The North American Auto Industry are now open until March 6.  . . .The ongoing series of breakfast briefings sponsored by the Center For Automotive Research will focus on Cybersecurity and its threat to connected and automated cars at its February 17 gathering at Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Mich. Top authorities in the field will participate in a panel and open discussions. The problem was highlighted recently in a NY Times report by Aaron Kessler of a government study due out today that will reveal "Serious gaps in security and customer privacy affect nearly every vehicle that uses wireless technology."

The first-ever SEMA Battle of the Builders competition will be featured on the Velocity network in a one-hour television special set to air Sunday, March 8, at 8:00 p.m. (EDT). . . .For a complete overview of classes, rules and schedule of the exotic (for country boys) Barbados Rally Carnival August 20 to Sept. 1, check: barbadosrallycarnival.com. And, if you are really planning ahead, check rallyround.co.uk, for the 2016 Paris-Vienna Rally.

Video: Volvo Split

Volvo Trucks Epic Split became the world's "most awarded TV commercial in 2014," according to a recent compilation by the Gunn Report of results from 45 global, regional and national ad industry creative award competitions, Joe Mandese reports in MAD. . . . Bill Maloney was awarded first place in the 2014 short story competition sponsored by the Honolulu Chapter of the National Writers Association. Titled Crash Carter, it is the first such honor for a story about a race car driver, Maloney notes. . . . VW Golf and Ford F-150 named North American Car and Truck of the Year by a national panel of automotive journalists.

Boris Said will serve as Grand Marshall of the 2015 Classic Motorsports Mitty at Road Atlanta April 24-26. . . . . Deb Pollack, Deb Pollack wins 2015 SPirit of Leadership Awarda senior strategic consultant with Luxury Automotive Marketing & PR, has been awarded the 2015 'Spirit of Leadership Award' presented annually by the Women's Automotive Association International. The award, recognizes professional women in the automotive industry for their outstanding leadership achievements, community involvement, and contributions to the growth and progress of the automotive industry.

The Road Racing Drivers Club honored Vic Elford with its 2015 Phil Hill Award and Bill Warner with its 2014 Bob Akin Award. . . . Alex Job, owner of Alex Job Racing of Tavares, Florida, received the 2014 Rolex Bob Snodgrass Award of Excellence, for his demonstrated qualities of integrity, passion for the sport of automobile racing and an infinite love of cars. . . . Below is the small shop winner in Classic Motorsports Magazine's recent Shop Contest (the Large and Commercial shop winners and some honorable mentions can be seen in the publication's July issue.)

Classic Motorsports Small Shop Winner

Small Shop winner: Jack Olsen


regional news


Thanks to NEMPA president Lisa Brock for posting this link to a UK firm’s study of US media’s attitudes towards PR. Perhaps it caught her eye with this appraisal of New England’s media: "Typical levels of influencer cynicism vary greatly across the U.S., but are at peak levels in New England where media skepticism is rated by local PR professionals as 10 out of 10. In this region, reporters typically distrust PR efforts and 'border on cranky.' That could be a good thing for both flacks and hacks – a healthy wariness.

2015 officers and directors of IMPA: President: Scotty Reiss,1st Vice President: Robert Calem, 2nd Vice President: Bill Howard, Secretary: Marianne Frisch, Treasurer: Michael Geylin President Emeritus: David Kiley, Directors: Joel Levin, Wade Hoyt, Stephen Martin, Tamara Mlynarczyk, Steven Oldham and John Voelcker


Kudos to WAPA and the Washington Auto Show’s PR and promotion in a market where autos appear to get press only when Congress holds a hearing. Prior to the show’s public opening, they held their own event on Capitol Hill to remind lawmakers and officials that the industry is "back to near peak production and healthier-than-ever profits." A display on the Hill of nearly every brand of American-made vehicle was followed by a series of short talks. This year the show got the Energy Secretary for its Government keynote address; recruited broadcast, sports, and film celebrities for daily appearances, and a performance by a U.S. Army band. They offered show-goers a hands-on competition for a new Honda, established a special Family Fun Zone where wall climbing and a string of popular children’s entertainers kept the tykes content while, hopefully, Mom and Dad picked out a new car from the 700 models on display.


Three Dog Night will perform a concert on the fairway following the awards ceremony of the 2015 Pinehurst Concours d’Elegance May. 2.


New officers and directors of MPG are: Jason Fogelson, President, Michael Harley, Vice President and Chris Woodyard, Secretary, and new Board members are Aaron Gold and Russell Datz. Darryll Harrison remains Treasurer. . . . Entries for the MPG Media Guide cover photo contest are due by Feb. 20. Check MotorpressGuild.org for rules.


road signs

Audi Unite Car Sharing Program

Brand-E.Biz reports, "An increase in car-sharing activity to 5% of all journeys could pretty much halve US car sales, according to metrics from Ark Investment Management. That makes ventures such as the new Audi Unite program – which allows up to five people to share use of a car – as well as more-established services such as Zipcar, Uber and Lyft, seem like significant moves." . . . . Roger C. Lanctot of Strategy Analytics disagrees. Writing for Pulse, he says, "The assumption is that access to car sharing services will suppress demand for new and used cars. This assumption is widely held, but it is a misconception. Car sharing services are more likely to stimulate rather than retard demand for new and used vehicles." . . . Uber, by the way, is responding to passengers reporting their Uber experience on Yelp or other Internet outlets by creating internal ratings of passengers it serves. ...And, they can look forward to competition from Google, reported to be planning its own fleet of roaming driverless cars available for hire. It could prove interesting because Uber relies on Google Maps in its business.

Laurie Sullivan said in Data and Targeting Insider on The Data DNA Behind The Person: "Ford plans to develop applications that can work across multiple transportation systems using data . . . GE will collaborate with OnStar to collect data and deliver coupons and discounts to local stores . . . And some automakers want to project data and Facebook posts on windshields."

Recent studies show "there's mounting evidence that, as they grow older, Millennials are following a pattern more similar to that of previous generations" Paul Eisenstein says in his Detroit Bureau Blog: Millennials' Purchasing Power Reshaping Auto Industry. . . . . Erik Sass reports in Media Daily News that Sports Illustrated has put its six staff photographers on layoff, opting to go with a network of freelancers which now may include those let go by the company. Sass notes that in May 2013 Chicago's Sun–Times made the same move and equipped their reporters with digital cameras. In March 2014, the paper rehired several of the photographers it had let go.

Sass also reports Conde Nast has created an in-house studio, 23 Stories, which will utilize the publisher's editorial and video staffers to create native ads for some of its larger advertisers. Sass says, "This new organizational structure marks a major shift for the publisher, which until now has maintained strict separation between its editorial staff and branded content producers." He adds that Meredith Corporation launched a new native ad platform called "Buzz," which integrates marketers' native ads into contextually relevant content areas that are endemic to Meredith brands.

There's good news (of sorts) for writers in a Center For Media Research report quoting several sources that content marketing, hence the need for content creators, will grow in 2015 . . . . A grand plan for a West Coast string of hyper-local community newspapers seems to be falling apart as the Long Beach Register ceased publishing in December, joining at least the Los Angeles Register in the bin of faded dreams. . . . Local Motors plans two new 3D printing factories, according to Zach Doell's Bold Ride Daily. Sites in Knoxville and outside of Washington, DC will join existing plants in Las Vegas and the company's home base in Phoenix. Doell reports Local Motors hopes to have 100 sites globally in ten years where a consumer can have a street-ready car printed. . . . . Volvo's SGO is slated to be the first Chinese-made car in the U.S. market, the The Detroit Bureau reports. The Bureau elaborates that Volvo, which is owned by the Chinese carmaker, Geely, isn't making a big deal of its provenance, a Geely plant in Chengdu, China.


lane changes

Sue CallowaySue Calloway has returned to Time, Inc. as a senior editor to oversee and expand the company's automotive coverage across its brands. Most recently on the West Coast where she started The Auto 100, she had been with Fortune from 1994 to 2000. Concurrently, the company retained Jason Harper to assist Calloway as a contributing editor. He is a 15-year veteran contract writer on automotive subjects. No email, as yet, for her, but he can be reached at jason@jasonharper.net . . . . David Traver Adolphus has taken over as editor of Speedlist which, he says, has 200,000 subscribers on Instagram. His assignment (surprise!) is to attract more readers to its website, www.speedlist.com, an online advertising and research service for car buyers, sellers and enthusiasts. He's open for sports car, high-end and lifestyle pitches at dave@proscriptus.com while continuing his many other ongoing projects, as well.

New England-based freelance scribe Keith Griffin has added BoldRide.com to his many outlets. He can be reached at kgriff1118@yahoo.com . . . . Joanne Groff is the special sections coordinator at California's Ventura County Star Email: jgroff@vcstar.com . . . Norm Mayersohn, deputy auto editor at the New York Times, has accepted a buy out from the newspaper. . . . . Joseph White is leaving The Wall Street Journal after many years as a senior editor overseeing transportation and automotive coverage while writing the Journal's "Eyes on The Road Column."

Andy Reid, formerly a writer for Classic Motorsports, now writes for Haggerty Magazine and Pursuitus.com. His email is AndyReid@aol.com  . . . Dana Hull has departed Contra Costa Group. No one has been named to replace her as auto reporter. Send auto news to business@mercurynews.com  . . . . Jenn Barlow remains with WealthTV but has a new email: jenn.barlow@awetv.com.

"Landspeed Louise" Noeth provided her readers, fans and friends with a mild report of her unexpected without notice and unexplained severance from the Goodguys Gazette, for whom she had provided a regular column, features and photos over a 12-year span during which her columns and photos earned her numerous awards and "Woman of The Year" honors from the publication itself. Concurrently, she proudly announced the third and final episode in her history of Bonneville racing on the occasion of its 200th anniversary (See "Plugs").


- 30-

Glenn Campbell, Owner Campbell-PR.com, Publisher autowriters.com

Glenn F. Campbell

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Susan Miller sent along a copy of the still-popular compendium of Porsche brochures and sales literature from 1948 through1965. Painstakingly produced by her and Richard F. Merritt and published in 1978, it has been updated twice and is the standard reference worldwide for Porsche literature collectors. She says, "The book still sells on my website. Not just literature junkies, but restorers and 356 owners who never saw the original sales piece for their car." Perhaps not so coincidentally, she and a supply of the well done source book will be on hand for the LA Literature, Toy and Memorabilia Show March 7 at the LAX Hilton Hotel and, no doubt at The 356 Club's So Cal All-Porsche Swap & Car Display to be held Sunday, March 8th, at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, CA. For more information on these events, check: lalitandtoyshow.com and for more information about the book: porschebooks.org

Book Cover: Porsche Brochure & Sales Literature


Another book sent our way, which we have not yet had time to read, is Cadet Blues written by Rob Krider a freelance autowriter who pens the Speed News "Toolshed Engineer" column and is now in his 15th year of writing the "Man Overboard" humor column for the Santa Maria Sun in Central Coastal California. While it is a true account of the cadet experience at the California Highway Patrol Academy, Krider writes that there are enough of his two others callings in Cadet Blues to make it a fun, car-action read. It is available in print and E-book on Amazon.

Cadet Blues Book Cover


 Roman Mica says nearly all of the Detroit Auto Show press conferences can be viewed here and he promises The Fast Lane Car And Truck will have all the Chicago Auto Show press conferences.


Land Speed Louise’s three-part history celebrating the 100th anniversary of Bonneville Racing was in the January-February issue of The Society of Automotive Historians Journal. Members can find all three installments in these issues:
Issue 272 (Jan/Feb)
Issue 271 (Nov/Dec)
Issue 270 (Sep/Oct)


The fourth edition of James Halderman's Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles will be out in February. The December issue of his James Halderman newsletter offers a long list of updates.


motoring press organizations

North American regional automotive press associations provide information and background not easily found elsewhere. If they are too distant for you to attend their meetings, belonging usually gives you access to transcripts or reports of these events and other benefits.

American Auto Racing Writers & Broadcasters Association, Inc.

Logo: AARWBA - Automotive Auto Racing Writers & Broadcasters Association

Norma "Dusty" Brandel
President, Exec. Director

Automobile Journalists Association of Canada



Automotive Press Association
Detroit, MI

Logo: APA Auto Press Associaion

Mark Phelan, President

American Racing Press Association

Lohttp://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2013/07/the-only-taxi-for-wheelchairs-in-san.htmls Association

Stan Clinton, President


Eastern Motorsports Press Association
Ballston Spa, NY

Logo: EMPA Eastern Motorsports Press Association

Ron Hedger, President


Greater Atlanta Automotive Media Association
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GAAMA: Greater Atlanta Automotive Association

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International Motor Press Association

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Dave Kiley, President



Midwest Automotive Media Association
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Motor Press Guild
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Melanie Batenchuk, President www.washautopress.org

quotes to note

The Real Reason Google Glass Failed

"Google Glass isn't humanly relevant. It's intrusive both to the user and to observers. And this is, ultimately, why it failed."

Melissa Mackey: Mobile Marketing

When The Mailbox Can Talk To The Toilet Seat -

"As you adapt to the Internet of Things, your life will become a living hell when the cable modem goes down or somebody accidentally unplugs the router."

George Simpson: Online Media Daily

Dean Baquet's ‘Charting the Future' Note to Times Staff

"Don't allow the turmoil in the news business make you forget just how good we are, and that we are here to break big stories and ask hard questions of the powerful."

Public Editor's Journal, New York Times

Same Conversation, Different Location

"What we need now are filters. We need a way to separate the signal from the ever-increasing noise. . . . . is there a way to save publishing? Perhaps, but it will be in a form much different than any we currently see. Publishing's role may be in serving both as a filter and a matchmaker."

Gord Hotchkiss, Online Spin

Seeking Penicillin For A Nasty Dose

" . . . it is one thing to be pirated by individuals and organized criminals, and another to be exploited openly by an incorporated business with major investors. Because it isn't just a new world order of aggregation. It's old-fashioned piracy."

Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large

What Is News Still Doing On TV?

"For every day, every hour, watching on TV seems so awkward you can't believe the network news divisions, or CNN on cable, will exist much longer--not on television anyhow."

P.J. Bednarski: Online Video Daily

2015: Brace For The Collision Of Entertainment, Marketing And Communication

"Brands will source all of their communications content from peoples' passions," including music, sports, gaming, entertainment, pop culture and other interests.

Lucien Boyer, Havas Sports & Entertainment President and CEO: Media Agency Daily

Virtual Traffic Lights Could Revolutionize City Driving

"The average American worker spends almost half an hour commuting each day, but virtual traffic lights could cut that almost in half. "

Katherine Noyes: TechNewsWorld.com

The Sorry State Of Online Publishing

"Trying to read an article on most sites online is like trying to tiptoe through a cognitive minefield. Publishers have squeezed every possible advertising opportunity onto the page -- and in doing so, have sacrificed credibility, cohesiveness and clarity"

Gord Hotchkiss: Search Marketing Daily


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