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january 2013

the road ahead

Demand For A New Kind of Writing

NetTalk, GoogleScript or another name for a new kind of writing skill is in the offing simply because advances in technology have made it necessary.

Google's Sergey Brin wearing his internet eyewear made with Google Glass

Alexis C. Madrigal, in his Atlantic piece "The World Is Not Enough: Google and the future of Augmented Reality," predicts the coupling of Google Maps and Google Glass will call for pairing "the kind of local knowledge newspaper reporters used to accumulate, with the unerring sense of raw interestingness that the best short-form magazine writers, bloggers, tweeters, and finderyers (sic) cultivate."

Instead of a mood-jarring canned recitation of facts, the new writing genre will augment what a person wearing Google Glasses is experiencing while walking down an unfamiliar street or touring a museum, department store or other location by providing a narrative more appealing to him or her. Video: Project Glass Demo

As USA Today's Roger Yu reports, "digital cartographers view indoor space as an untapped but potentially lucrative field for delivering navigation, pushing out location-relevant information and promoting deals." The ability to granulize audiences will mean covering the same material in different ways, depending upon who is listening.

The immense volume of data on the worldwide web (nearly 100 billion pages of data now and 5 billion new wireless devices connecting to the Internet predicted to be sold and generating more data in 2013 alone) requires new means, new shortcuts to organize, communicate and utilize what is available and pertinent to a particular audience.

Big Data's increasingly sophisticated algorithms can do much of this but, as Evegen Morozov points out in his New York Times essay, "You Can't Say That On The Internet," censorship is implicit in algorithms and other kinds of internet technology because somebody, somewhere is deciding what values are culturally acceptable or befitting a brand's image.

Yet, an answer to that may be in what an MIT professor and student have developed: an algorithm model structure that is determined by the data - not by humans - in advance. cited an MIT press release as its source and offers an example of this new capability: predicting hours in advance when #Bieber will start trending on Twitter.

And even more likely to shape a new computer language is word from The Amsterdam Report that IBM predicts that within five years computers will touch, smell, hear, taste and see, each in their own special way. Also in the Report: a prediction that the human brain will be upload-able by the end of the century and will be key to our exploring the universe.

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road signs

A land-air hybrid vehicle described in a Scientific American piece passed on by Silvio Calabi may someday make commutes faster and easier - if not cheaper at a current price of $300,000. The article by Gary Stix and accompanying video of the auto gyro evoked mostly negative responses from readers.

Previously announced and recently shown driving on roads and navigating in water is the Quadski, billed as "The world's first high-speed sports amphibian." Company founder Alan Gibbs, said, "The Quadski is capable of reaching speeds of 45 mph on both land and water and transitions between both in five seconds or less." For more information go to the Auburn Hills, Mich. company's web site:

The Quadski

"The very rich are different from you and me," one of F. Scott Fitzgerald's characters said in The Rich Boy. How different is apparent when a "Suicide 1212" package raises the purported speed of the Mosler Raptorgtr (the first of the only one) to 263/mph. Its horsepower to weight ratio is 927hp/ton, 0 to 60 is 2.2 seconds. The cost? Not even mentioned ("if you have to ask you can't afford it") but the web site includes a "billionaire's row." Due to Mosler ending production, this will be the only Raptorgtr that will ever be built, according to James Todd Wagner, owner of Supercar Engineering, who has agreed upon terms with Warren Mosler for a buyout of Mosler automotive under a new brand.

The RaptorGTR Suicide1212

Back in the world of affordable, a new self-installed device, GasPods, promises to save money at the pump, extend your car's range and reduce its carbon footprint. GasPods retail for between $59 and $125, They are exclusively made in the U.S.A. and distributed globally by AeroHance, Inc., 715 Kimball Ave., Santa Barbara, CA 93103, Check or  

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mac's detroit dispatch

Screening Top Detroit Show Cars

To wit: Top 10 auto show cars are not really the best! Here are the NY Times picks-with my comments:

Maynard 'Mac' Gordon

Maynard "Mac" Gordon

1. Corvette 7th generation 2-door called the Stingray-but why never a 4-door "coupe"? Even one at $57,000.

2. Cadillac ATS-long-awaited "baby Cadillac" is GM platform sharer, but performance disappoints as V-8 edition is held up.

3. Cadillac ELR-show car of the year-upmarket Volt hybrid coupe that answers dealer pleas for stronger answer to BMW et al.

4. Turning from GM's winners: BMW finally fills entry-level gap with 4-series coupe priced at $35,545 with AWD. 3-series, the world's favorite 'luxo coupe,' now facing affordability challenge between 3-series and 5-series.

5. Bentley charms the snobs with $238K Continental GTC. We'd love to sell insurance for the 6-figure supercars.

6. Ford is so global that its small 2013 cars still lack A-one initial quality metrics, especially on the Fusion. Ford's crop falls short of 'clean' output results too much. New COO Mark Fields goes after 90 percent-plus quality on Ford and Lincoln, especially the latter's new 'baby' version-the MKC.

7. Mercedes-Benz- "Affordability" drives the Germans to downprice with a vengeance. In addition to its unheralded smart minicompact, Mercedes showed showgoers a $30K C-Class CLA250 sedan, replete with 208 hp 4 with AWD or front-drive, Mercedes (the only car named after a woman!) also unwrapped an E-Class E6B sedan and wagon rated at 550 hp. No prices yet but you better believe Mercedes won't get beat in the HP race.

8. Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, never to be outdone, adds heft to Nissan's and Infiniti's higher-styled looks. The Nissan Murano crossover and new Infiniti Q50  sedan deliver styling cues like Chihuly glass pieces-Honda, a U.S.-minded power, debuts a Fit-based SUV Crossover.

9. New models emerge from heavy hitters Toyota (a Corolla Furia concept with Lexus-like diode front lighting); VW (the Cross Blue diesel hybrid SUV pulling 89 MPG and 660-mile range) and Hyundai/Kia (with the new Kia Cadenza sedan offering a 293-hp V-6 rated at a suggested price of $33K.

10. Last but not least is luxury sedan sales leader Lexus, whose IS sport sedan 250 and 350 has been re-baked as consumers get a choice of all-wheel or rear drive. It was Lexus and Infiniti, which ushered in the Detroit (NAIAS) show in 1991.

Audi and Acura strategies promise more bang for the buck, even on small cars; Audi, Bimmer and Acura draw peak crowds as 'aspirational brands.'


Fiat, Chrysler leaders confirm that Alfa Romeo will reenter the North American market this year as evidenced by displays at the Detroit, LA, Chicago and all other shows coming this year.

The Fiat 500 and smart exhibits equal the lavish signage of the larger cars, with cars and girls just as attractive. Less is more, a welcome crowd pleaser in an energy-focused period.

Click here for all the Detroit Dispatches.


autowriters spotlight

Mike Davis' recount of his publishing career that he says has ended with a twist tells enough of his walk on both the PR and Journalism side of automotive communications to qualify as the Auto writers Spotlight for January.Mike Davis Spotlight

"The Gas Miser's Guide is truly among the Undead. I'll let readers decide whether it should be put back in the casket and returned to the graveyard from which it came--even though it's just as timely today as it was 39 years ago when first created. GMG is both my first and latest book of 15.

"To recap my checkered career first, I was a reporter for The Miami Daily News and Business Week, as well a correspondent for Time, Life, Kiplinger and Business Week before joining Ford Motor Company's Public Relations Staff. After 25 years at Ford, I returned to the newspaper business as an executive at the Evening News Association (later, Gannett), as the corporate communications director. Then I was executive director of the Detroit Historical Society for five years. After that, nearly 23 years ago, I began producing books and free-lancing magazine articles, mostly about automotive history.

"Anyway, in January 1974 when the first gasoline panic in America since World War II came about, I was Technical and Product Information Manager for Ford, busily fielding inquiries all day long every day from media across the continent about fuel economy. An old friend of mine, Chuck Mackey, who then was partner of a Philadelphia advertising agency, called me and asked, "Do you know anything about fuel economy?" I admitted that my day was filled answering questions on the subject. "Can you write me a book on the subject in the next two weeks?"Now, that's a challenge and one I couldn't resist if for no other reason than my wife Mary Kay was just in the process of having her first book published, Needlepoint from America's Great Quilt Designs (co-authored with Helen Giammattei, it went on to become a Book of the Month selection).

"With most of a fuel economy book in my head, at home every night I banged out the commissioned book on my Royal Portable (remember those?) by the due date sometime in February. Chuck massaged my nerdy PR copy the way only a crack advertising copywriter can, and his artist partner drew up a series of cartoons of a "gas miser" character for the book's cover and inside art. Their plan was to sell it to one of their clients as a premium ("Open an account at our bank, and we'll send you a book on fuel economy); GMG was subtitled "Everything you wanted to know about saving gasoline but didn't know who to ask."

"Unfortunately, Gas Miser's Guide died on the vine in March 1974 when the fuel crisis--driven then and now by panicky news media--disappeared almost overnight and the book was never published.

"Fast forward some 30 years. In an automotive commentary I wrote for Paul Eisenstein's eZine,, I alluded to this book I'd written many years before. Much to my surprise, I received a flurry--maybe half a dozen--emails from readers asking where they could buy this book, or "bring it back." So I called Chuck and asked if he could find the copy and artwork. He told me he was long retired, the business had closed and he had no idea where those materials were. Then two years later (about a year ago), he called me back and said he'd just found the copy and most of the artwork, and had already Fed-Exed it to me.

"I looked over the then 38-year-old manuscript and decided that, while the essential fuel-saving tips were still valid, it would take a lot of research and re-writing to bring it up to date with new regulations, electric cars and exotic fuels--and I'd just been asked by Arcadia Publishing to produce a photographic history of Chevrolet, so my agenda was full.

"Then last summer, during a brief respite from Chevy (finally released in two volumes, in August and December), I attended a writers' conference where another attendee was praising a no-cost service to publish ebooks. I told Chuck, why don't we put GMG out there as a no-risk ebook and see what happens. With the help of our two in-house computer experts, his son and my daughter, The Gas Miser's Guide, my first and yet 15th book, was posted on November 29. On that day, I was about to enter the hospital for back surgery and Chuck was recovering from a broken hip sustained by tripping over an open dishwasher door in a darkened kitchen. Some pair of octogenarian authors we turned out to be!"

The Gas Miser's Guide can be found on-line at

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pit notes

A record 10 auto manufacturers exhibited on the floor of this year's International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, according to David Shepardson of the Detroit News. Two of them, Toyota and Volkswagen highlighted their work on driverless car features for future models. . . .In case you missed it, a Ford press release announced, "the iconic 1940 Ford Coupe is the latest addition to Ford Motor Company's growing stable of officially licensed all-steel reproduction car bodies. The full body shell as well as individual steel panels are available now through Dennis Carpenter Ford Restoration Parts," . . . The company also has set February 21 as the deadline for a summary submission of 2013 Ford Aftermarket Project Vehicle proposals and March 1 as the deadline for submitting the complete proposal. Persons interested should contact Sherry Kollien or Mike Nicopolis at for more information

 A little before Christmas, John Matras announced the "500th article and 228th review we posted on the Car Buzzard web site." That "we," includes BJ Killeen (Buzzardette), David Boldt, Nick Yost and Ron Moorhead, plus editor and founder Matras, representing more than 100 years of automotive journalism experience. . . . Matras also reports, "Saab owners who have been nervous about warranty service can breathe a little easier. Saab Automobile Parts North America, a company established to provide genuine Saab parts after the manufacturer went down like aquavit at a Swedish midsummer festival, reached an agreement with General Motors to provide warranty administration and related services through Saab's network of 179 Warranty Service Providers for model year 2009 and prior Saab vehicles still covered under the GM limited warranty."

Detroit Belle ISle Grand Prix - photo by LAT

Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix is looking for 1,400 volunteers for the auto race, which is scheduled for the weekend of May 31. Volunteers drive golf carts, run the media center, take tickets and staff information booths. Volunteers get a uniform, food and a lapel pin and are expected to work at least 25 hours. There is a $15 registration fee. Anyone with interest can sign up at

The British have announced a serious, funded plan to set a 1000 mph landspeed record this summer on a course in South Africa. Bonneville Salt Flats trumpet, historian and raconteur Landspeed Louise Noeth says that if the British team that's held the record for the past several years does hit 1,000 mph, it will erase the chances of regaining it in the U.S. because "we don't have the real estate" for such an attempt. . . . . Neither does Barbados but they'' compensate with two weekends of historic racing and a carnival of fun in between, August 15-28. For more information contact:  . . . . There'll also be historic races in the Bahamas in 2013 but AWcom has not been told the dates. For more info contact:

Applications for automotive scholarships are now available through the 2013 SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund (SMSF) at Students preparing for careers in the auto or auto parts industries may be eligible for financial awards of up to $5,000. . . . Chrysler PR announced that the 2013 Fiat 500 electric version boasts an "Industry-best 108 MPG highway rating. Best-in-class EPA combined city/highway estimated driving range of 87 miles and an unsurpassed frugality with EPA-estimated annual fuel-equivalent cost of $500."

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awards and events

The automotive awards season has pretty much survived without AWcom adding its applause for the many, many people and products honored so far. Rather than attempt to catch up we will arbitrarily name a few to confirm that we recognize giving credit and praising accomplishments in all areas and advances in the industry.

AutoWeek Best of The Best: Porsche Boxster S, Mercedes-Benz GL

AutoWeek Chooses the Best of the Best 2013

North American Car and Truck of The Year: Cadillac ATS, Ram 1500.

2013 North American Car of the Year Cadicllas ATS

2013 Ram 1500 Turck of the Year

Urban Wheels Lifetime Achievement Award:

Kathy Jackson

Kathy Jackson

Kathy Jackson, Automotive News

2012 EPPY Award, Best Automotive Web Site:


Judy Kouba Dominick and Nancy Wager, who represent Chevrolet in motorsports.

CARL BENZ AWARD (Society of Automotive Historians):

Carl Goodwin

Carl Goodwin, Blackhawk Farms

Robert E. Petersen Lifetime Achievement Award: Dave McClelland, "The Voice of NHRA."

Dave McClelland

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new roads

"Babies born now will never read anything in print. Face the reality that print will eventually go away," according to Ben Horowitz, as quoted by Wooden Horse News from the technology entrepreneur's speech at the American Magazine Conference in October. . . . The Newsletter also quoted John Micklethwait, editor-in-chief of The Economist, " Print is still the most efficient medium to get across detailed information." . . . Apparently, The Wall Street Journal agrees, it will launch a new quarterly magazine in March, WSJ. Money. Also according to Wooden Horse. WSJ.Money will focus on all the good things that go with having a good deal of green. The editor is Mike Miller. Contact: 212-416-2000.

The trend to digital prompted internet media guru Clay Shirky to comment, "publishing isn't a job anymore, it's a button" - which, is why many writers are learning to press one. A number of new startups have simplified the task of making apps for Apple's Newsstand. 29th Street Publishing is among them, Wooden Horse reports, while Glossi, it says, is a publishing platform that enables its users to create their own online magazines on laptops, tablets and smartphones. . . .Then there's the question for self-publishers getting paid. Mark Walsh offers a solution in OnlineMediaDaily - a relatively new company in New York City: Tinypass. From bloggers up to large media companies, Tinypass provides the software means to collect fees, subscriptions, metered reading and other payment arrangements.

Karl Greenberg reports in Marketing Daily, "Ebay Motors is reaching out to the enthusiast crowd with a new Web Site devoted to aftermarket customizers and car lovers looking for muscle cars, classics and automotive odds and ends." It is called eBay Garage. He says, "Kind of like a Facebook for cars, the site lets visitors 'like' a vehicle, follow a customizing project someone else is doing, follow conversations, etc. And sell aftermarket parts and accessories. . . . . National Speed Sport News, which re-launched last year as a monthly magazine, has partnered with Emmy-award winning producer Jim Roller to spearhead its video, television and production efforts under the Speed Sport TV flag. Plans include an online video channel featuring on-demand and streaming events, professional video and television production services, and developing and producing programs for broadcast. For more information contact Joe Tripp at 406-564-6190.

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lane changes

Ron AmadonAfter nearly 10 years of writing weekend columns for Dow Jones', Ron Amadon (photo-l) and the company have split. He continues to write about autos daily with a review each Saturday at Ron Amadon's Roads on Wordpress  and Facebook. He can beCam Benty emailed at  . . . Cam Benty (photo-r) is now Marketing Director at Heidts Automotive Group, an Illinois- based purveyor of hot rod and muscle car parts.

Angelo Sakis in Palm Harbor, Fl. is the East Coast Editor of He can be reached by cell phone at 402-541-6124 or emailed: . . . Robyn Eagles (photo-l) is the National Public Relations Mgr. for American Robyn EaglesHonda Motor Co. Phone her at 310-783-3163 or Email

The Petersen Automotive Museum has made a number of moves to expand its outreach. World-renowned auto collector Peter Mullin has been named Chairman; Debbie Lewis is now director of business development. She and her late husband Jim founded the HotRod & Restoration Show and Trade Magazine and in 2002, the Robert E. Petersen Lifetime Achievement Award. Kahn Media was named the museum's public relations agency of record, charged with public relations, media outreach and strategic communications. Agency president Dan Kahn can be emailed at or telephoned at 818-881-5246.

Dan PasseDan Passe (photo-l), is now Sr. Manager of Communications for Nissan. He can be reached at: and telephoned: 616-725-6264 . . .Jeff Sabatini is now feature editor for Car and Driver. Email him at: or telephone: 734-975-9265 . . . . The San Francisco Bay area's public car collection, The Blackhawk Automotive Museum, has a new executive director, Tim McGrane. He is the man to reach to book events at the impressive facility. Email him at or call 925-736-2280 ext 100.

Jeff Vaughn (photo-r), the new anchor for the 5 pm newscast on WXYZ-TV in Detroit covers business and autos. Reach him at or 238-027-9449. . . . Michael Austin has joined Popular Mechanics as automotive editor. Email or telephone 212-649-2000 for more information. . . . Patrick George (photo-l) has departed his auto writing at the Austin American-Statesman but will continue to write for

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- 30-

Glenn Camppbell, Owner, Publisher

Glenn F. Campbell

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Jack Teahen –Started writing for Automotive News in 1954 and continued to do so until 2012, well past his formal retirement in 2009, garnering numerous honors and considerable respect and regard from fellow auto journalists along the way.

John Cooper Fitch--The first Sports Car Club of America national champion and a star in European sports-car racing in the 1950s and '60s. He created the sand-filled Fitch Inertia Crash Barriers that have saved thousands of lives on racetracks and highways around the world.

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NEMPA's Annual HOliday Party

NEMPA’s annual holiday party at the Boston Globe drew automakers and media people from across the country for good food, good company, entertainment and gifts. OEM’s planning to participate in NEMPA’s Winter Judging are advised by Prexy Keith Griffin, you can't win if your vehicles show up only on Feb. 7 and depart Feb. 12. Your best bet is to get sufficient vehicles into our fleet for an extended period.”

Middle Atlantic

Newly elected IMPA president Dave Kiley works in Detroit but Dave Kiley 2013 IMPA Presidenthis job as editor-in-chief of AOL Autos takes him to New York often enough that he can handle his IMPA responsibilities. He also announced that IMPA’s luncheon meetings will be changed to the third Tuesday of every month, to better accommodate members whose editorial deadlines keep them from attending meetings on a Thursday.

Audi of America president Scott Keogh will deliver the keynote address at the NewsmakerScott Keogh President Audi of America Breakfast on January 30 to kick-off two Public Policy Days prior to the opening of the Washington Auto Show, Feb. 1. The show itself has made several changes, including the grouping of 11 upscale makes in a “luxury Showcase” and at least six different "ride 'n drives" offered by manufacturers on the streets outside the Washington Convention Center.


Michael Marrs is the new President of the Texas Auto Writers Association, TAWA. A freelance autowriter and photographer, he raced and built hot rods before gravitating to journalism. TAWA has begun a new quarterly newsletter, edited by Jo Ann Holt.

West Coast

"The Silicon Valley Car" is a natural topic for the northern California group of Western Automotive Journalists, WAJ. They’ll meet with area members of the Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE, on Sept. 19 to explore the growing role of high-tech in the automobile.

The top vote-getters in the The Motor Press Guild board member elections were PR folk, Darryll Deb PollackHarrison, Deb Pollack, and Doug Stokes. To keep a supply of journalists board members available for the top post, as required in the MPG by-laws, the board was expanded to add journalists Jason Fogelson and Mike Antich, who tied for fourth in the voting.

motoring press organizations

The 17 regional automotive press associations provide information and background not easily found elsewhere. If they are too distant for you to attend their meetings, belonging usually gives you access to transcripts or reports of these events and other benefits.

American Auto Racing Writers & Broadcasters Association, Inc.

Logo: AARWBA - Automotive Auto Racing Writers & Broadcasters Association

Norma "Dusty" Brandel
President, Exec. Director

Automotive Press Association
Detroit, MI

Joann Muller, President

American Racing Press Association

Logo: Ameican Racing Press Association

Stan Clinton, President

International Motor Press Association

Logo: IMPA Int'l Motor Press Association

Dave Kiley, President


Greater Atlanta Automotive Media Association
Atlanta, GA

GAAMA: Greater Atlanta Automotive Association

Davis Adams, President


Midwest Automotive Media Association
Chicago, IL

Logo: MAMA Midwest Automotive Media Association

Tom Appel, President

Motor Press Guild
Los Angeles, CA

MPG: Motor Press Guild

Aaron Gold, President

New England Motor
Press Association
Boston, MA

NEMPA Logo: New England Motor Press Association

Keith Griffin, President

Northwest Automotive Press Association
Portland, OR

Nik Miles, President

Phoenix Automotive Press Association, Phoenix

Cathy Droz, President

Rocky Mountain Automotive Press
Denver, CO

Logo: Rocky Mountain Automotive Media Association

Nathan Adlen, President

Southern Automotive Media Association
Miami FL

Log: Southern Automotive Media Association

Jaimie Flores, President  

Southeast Automotive Media Organization
Charlotte, NC

Logo: Southeast Automotive Media Organization

Texas Auto Writers Association


Michael Marrs

Truck Writers of North America

Logo: Truck Writers of North America

Tom Kelley, Executive Director

Western Automotive Journalists
San Francisco, CA

Logo: Western Automotvie Journalists

David Ray

Washington Automotive Press Association
Washington, D.C.


Jessica Anderson, President

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