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The Road Ahead

Content Marketing means jobs for writers. Jen Agustin reported in Media Post's Content Marketing Insider, "a quick search for content marketing jobs" yields 160 pages (not positions, but pages) of results on and 27,532 actual positions on" estimated $118.4 Billion was spent on content marketing, video marketing and social media in 2013.

Content Marketing Infographic by Lift Division

Infographic courtesy of: Lift Division

Max Kalehoff senior vice president of marketing at SocialCode writes in Online Spin: there's a "dearth of talent in marketing for people who command written words and storytelling."

That is only going to grow in 2014 when an additional 16% of publishers plan to join the 62% who have already turned to Content Marketing in one or more of its forms: "native advertising, native content," "partner posts," "sponsored or featured content," "advertorials," video marketing, social media, and blogs. LinkedIn's native advertising unit expects to increase the professional networking site's revenue by $46 million in 2014, according to Mark Walsh in Online Media Daily.

Whatever the name for the paid content, some see them as euphonyisms for plugging a product or brand and creating a soft landing spot for advertising, all in the guise of "editorial." In fact, Ad Age reports: a publishers panel on the subject "seemed to agree that native ads must look and feel more like the editorial content that surrounds it, not less."

The once proud wall between editorial and advertising is down. Journalism's ethical Rubicon has been breached and marketing content is flooding the print and digital worlds. Even The New York Times has joined Forbes, Harper's Bazaar, Wired, The Onion, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Time Inc., Hearst, Business Insider, The Washington Post, New York Post, The Associated Press and dozens of other publishers that are turning to paid content to supplement their revenue. And there is the rub.

Ultimately, money talks and a recent survey reported by The Center for Media Research, reveals that content marketers must provide (and pay) for an average of 10 posts a day across all media to be effective. "Content Amplification Agencies" dedicated to targeted distribution for paid content, are mushrooming. Those who pay to publish will want to bend content to their purposes, relying on the reputation of the publisher to give it credence. Josh Sternberg reports on Digiday Content Studio's website that Mental Floss editors created 20 pieces of advertising for a Dos Equis beer campaign. According to Digiday, Will Pearson, president of Mental Floss, reasons, "We wrote this content; we have editorial control over this content. It just aligns with their messaging."

Veteran advertising critic Bob Garfield is quoted by Catherine Taylor in Social Media Insider as telling a recent FTC workshop on native advertising "With every transaction, publishers are mining and exporting a rare resource: trust. Those deals will not save the media industry. They will, in a matter of years, destroy the media industry: one boatload of shit at a time."

Garfield's boatloads are unloading at every port. On any given day Social media alone offers: 140 million Tweets, 1.5 billion Facebook updates, 10 million Tumblr posts, 1.6 million blog posts, and 2 million YouTube video uploads, according to Eileen Bernardo writing for Online Publishing Insider. Multiply those figures by 365, add in print publications and their digital versions, the growing influx of digital video that is just starting to switch from "one size fits all" messaging to multiple, targeted, personalized appeals, and the competition for attention is staggering. As Bernardo notes, not all of paid content writing is good. Far from it. Content mills "game" digital publishing with drek and drivel while algorithms lobotomize the writing profession by stitching together words and phrases gleaned from the Internet.

Fortunately, research has established that good writing wins numbers, trust and engagement for brands that pay for it. In addition, there is a growing consensus that paid content, while striving to fit into the environment of the host's editorial content, should be identified so as to not mislead the reader or viewer or tarnish the publisher's reputation. The aforementioned Garfield outlines way to do this in his "The Natives Are Feckless" piece for Media Post's Blogs.

But by doing so, Wendy Davis asks in The Daily Online Examiner, "Will Publishers Lose Free-Speech Protection With Native Advertising?" For example, celebrity names and photos can be used in news copy without permission but include them in articles labeled advertising and it could mean a lawsuit. And, if it is unidentified as sponsored content, readers may treat the publisher's work as one of Garfield's boats coming ashore.


new roads

More good news for writers comes from Newsweek's new owners who, according to CNN Money, plan a return to print, relying on good journalism to attract subscribers who will pay the bills. Editor Jim Impoco is quoted, "Ads will be icing on the cake" . . . Wooden Horse reports, "Digg, the news aggregator, is experimenting with original content having just published its first commissioned piece. TechCrunch interviewed Digg's Creative and Editorial Director, David Weiner, who confirms that freelance content is in the experimental stage and that "there aren't any set rules around the process."

rage against the machine

Video Insider reports an eMarketer prediction that time spent on digital media will soon pass time on TV. "That's why so many companies are deploying new native video ad experiences to work across all devices," the Insider writes. . . . Steve McClellan, writing for MAD (Mediapost Agency Daily), "According to a new report from JWT Intelligence, a top trend for 2014 is what the unit dubs 'rage against the machine,' or an increasing fear, and resentment of  'what's been lost in our embrace of unprecedented change.' Consumers will place a higher value on ‘all things human,' according to the report."

Freedom Communications, publisher of California's Orange County Register, has announced it plans to launch a daily Los Angeles Register print newspaper in 2014 as well as a number of community weeklies in the area, according to Erik Sass, in the Media Daily News . . Maxim's new owner Darden Media Group, plans to extend the brand across cable, radio and music platforms, according to Adweek.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt at a Magazine Publishers Association conference was quoted by Wooden Horse: "Five years from now, the world will have ‘powerful, tablet-looking things - [devices] that look roughly like a tablet - as a substitute for traditional media.' Those tablets will have apps that are 'incredibly immersive,' including magazine apps, which will take advantage of people's social graphs, location data and other features to offer a more interactive experience." . . . . Also quoted by the Horse is the new owner of The Washington Post, Jeff Bezos, from his introductory talk to employees: "cutting the staff would lead to extinction, or, at best, irrelevance.". . . . "What you can't do is go for the lowest common denominator, because then what you have is mediocrity."

The Advanced Mobility Project web site is an independent information service about advanced mobility. It is a free resource intended for journalists, transportation executives, government agencies, regulators and the general public. For more information go to


pit notes

The Wooden Horse News asks, and answers: "Have a photograph you think news media would be interested in? You can now use new website CrowdMedia to sell it. Media organizations pay a flat $20 for non-exclusive rights to new photos, with the original photographers getting 50% of the proceeds, and CrowdMedia taking 50%. Older photos that are less newsworthy sell for $5 each." . . . At a time when demand for writers seems to be rising, Jim Romenesko reports in his blog that Time, Inc. is considering getting rid of mastheads. He comments, "Vanity is the motivating force behind most people working in publishing; it's like eliminating bylines."

American Espress Publishing's titles: Travel & Leisure, Food & Wine, Departures, Executive Travel and Black Ink

Time, Inc. has acquired all five of American Express Publishing's titles, The Wrap reports. They are Travel & Leisure, Food & Wine, Departures, Executive Travel and Black Ink . . . . . paidContent's Jeff John Roberts offers this information: Go ahead, use that tweet: no one can stop you! He researched the question after CBS Films' use of a quote from a film critic's Tweet in a full page NY Times ad without the critic's or his employer's prior approvals. Roberts sought the opinion of a Columbia University copyright scholar . . .. Wooden Horse also reports The Creative Commons (CC) license has been revised to fix some legal loopholes when (typically) a photographer agrees that his or her photo can be used on the Internet by (typically) a writer – but not commercially.

According to Fast Company's Christina Chaey, Tech startup NewsCred wants to be the liaison between content-hungry brands and the creatives who make it. She says, "NewsCred offers brands access to original content through an initiative called the NewsRoom, which refers to NewsCred's carefully cultivated stable of about 500 freelance writers, photographers, videographers, and designers who will create custom content for clients. The good news, Chaey reports, the NewsRoom isn't skimping on paying its creators: A NewsRoom writer can expect to pull in $500 and up for a basic blog post, while full articles will be "in the thousands," according to News Room CEO Shafqat Islam. What's more NewsRoom journalists keep 100 per cent of profits." . . . . After folding its print editions, The American Journalism Review is running on the Internet at its old address, Leslie Walker and Sean Mussenden, are co-editors and News Editor is Lisa Rossi. Students and freelancers are welcome to apply on the site


press box

Ordinarily published for Christmas shopping, our list of auto-related books remain a varied choice of entertaining reads:

Lunches With Mr. Q written by Kevin Nelson

Lunches With Mr. Q: An Auto Industry Titan on Business, Life and Sports Car Dreams traces the life of the late Kjell Qvale from Norwegian immigrant to automotive impresario with at one time 100 franchises in his auto dealer group. 200 pages, 80 photographs by Kevin Nelson. Journalist review copies through

Windy City Adman 60 Years In The Ad Game and Fast Lane – An easy read by auto raconteur, promoter/producer and one-time co-worker Bill Maloney who never revealed (to me) his Golden Glove boxing days, named-dropped the celebrities Jonathan Winters, Charlie Weaver and many others he had worked with nor his success as a race-car driver. 208 pages, too many to count photos. Soft cover. Google Windy City Adman or Amazon for more information and reviews.

Sapped –A dramatic story about Grand Prix racing when high-level electronics are used to insidious advantage. By internationally-recognized race-track designer Alan Wilson. It is available on Amazon, Nook and Itunes.

Romance of RacingA trip down memory lane is a collection of essays by three-times Indy 500 winner and four-times champion Dario Franchitti. He writes about legends, his heroes and friends in racing from the 1950s to date. For more information or to order this amply illustrated coffee-table book go to

David Bull –He reminds us he has two great automotive calendars from photographer Günther Raupp: Ferrari Myth and Scuderia Ferrari. And if you didn't get the books you were hoping for over the holidays, they still have copies of such popular new titles as Hunt vs. Lauda and 1967: Chris Amon, Scuderia Ferrari and a Year of Living Dangerously. Check out his web site:

Sye Mead Visual Futurist

Car Art, Inc. is featuring art from Visual Futurist Syd Mead's 50 piece Progression's exhibit. World-renowned for his stunningly realistic visions of the future he gained fame for his design work on landmark sci-fi movies like Blade Runner, Star Trek, Aliens, and Tron. His work allows a fascinating glimpse of the shape of things to come. Contact Peter Aylett at 949-443-0500 or

Kenny's GarageNASCAR driver and TV personality, Kenny Wallace, younger brother of Rusty and Mike, offers an extension to your cars owner's manual to teach how to check your tire pressure, check and change oil, check and replenish fluids, how to buy and sell a car, prepare for a road trip, do simple to complex repairs and much more. It can be ordered at

Bonneville Salt Flats - Peter Vincent Photographer

The Bonneville Salt Flats: Two Decades of Photography - Photographer Peter Vincent has visited the Bonneville Salt Flats every year for two decades and this handsome hardcover of 272 pages is an evocative selection of thousands of images he has captured at Bonneville and its surroundings to deliver an exceptional photographic portrait. He explores the meaning of Bonneville from every possible angle of speed, culture, landscape, and light. A number of the standout racers and machines are included. It is available at:, and leading automotive book retailers.


regional news


Silvio Calabi distributed this "help wanted" request to NEMPA members but, since it is for a web site, location would not seem to matter:

"Hello! I'm looking to build a roster of freelancers for a new men's site I'm working on. Ideal candidates have experience for a male audience and an extensive list of contacts within the men's market, from grooming to cars to gear to fashion (and everything in between).

"If you're interested, please send me an email with some info about your background, your desired rate, and an idea for a cool guy/influencer in your contact list who you think would make compelling interview (he doesn't have to be famous; just a guy other guys want to be like, whether because of his job, talents, style, etc.).

Feel free to reach out with any questions! Thanks!"

Lori Morris

NEMPA's annual "Winter Vehicle Test Day" is February 1. NEMPA President Keith Griffin reminds participating manufacturers that "DAY is a misnomer because it will take several for the members to properly evaluate the entries in New England's wintry climes.

Yet another job, this one in the Boston office of "a leading national economics and strategy consulting firm" searching for a Senior Writer/Editor. This position will take the lead on developing and writing newsletters, direct marketing materials, articles for publication, and web site content. Those interested can contact:

Jenn Saldarelli Senior Associate
Chaloner Associates
580 Broadway, Suite 1208,  New York, NY 10012
p: 212.365.6645 ext. 2 f: 212.219.9213


January 31 is the dues deadline for inclusion in the printed IMPA 2014 membership directory. It also is the deadline for IMPA members to submit an entry for IMPA's 2014 Ken Purdy Award. Authors need not be an IMPA member to be considered. Send four copies of the nominating form (found at and the work to David Kiley at 1383 S. Zeeb Rd., Ann Arbor, MI, 48103.

WAPA is going for the numbers with fun and games at this year's Washington Auto Show. Toyota's "Hands-On Contest" is returning after a 10-year hiatus. – Ten finalists must stay in physical contact with the prize Toyota Corolla Tuesday, January 28 until noon, Sunday, Feb. 2. To qualify for the contest, persons must register through the show website, and write a short explanation of why they want to win the car. Thirty applicants will be chosen from that pool of registrants to qualify for the next round, from which a final group of 10 will be screened and selected by The Washington Area New Automobile Dealers Association (WANADA) to participate in the final stage of the competition. But wait, there's more! A 2014 Hyundai Sonata will be awarded in a "Price Is Right" style contest along with a roundtrip for two to Los Angeles to see the live TV show by that name. Entries will be accepted at the show's Hyundai booth or exhibit space, the show lobby or at any of 18 Washington area Hyundai dealers. The winner of The Washington Auto Show competition is the person coming closest to the price of the winning package without exceeding the price. The winner will be determined at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, February 2.


Rides ’n Smiles founder Bill Adam is interviewed by automotive journalist Javier Mota at the Homestead-Miami Speedway.

Rides ’n Smiles founder Bill Adam is interviewed by automotive journalist Javier Mota at the Homestead-Miami Speedway.

The Southern Automotive Media Association's (SAMA) "Rides 'n Smiles" day at Homestead-Miami Speedway has grown to a major automotive event, thanks to the cooperation of the Speedway, 10 automakers, SAMA members, local firms and car enthusiasts. This year's sixth annual event put smiles on the faces of ailing kids fighting cancer at Baptist Children's and Miami Children's hospitals plus children from military families at nearby Homestead Air Reserve Base. An exotic car show at the base was added to this year's schedule by chief "Ride 'n Smiles" instigator, SAMA president Bill Adam. All of the kids went home with bags of auto-related "goodies" and a certificate attesting to their 100-mile-per- hour trip around the Speedway.

Marjie Lambert and SAMA founding member/former president Paul Borden present the annual Terry Jackson Award to automotive journalist Ron Beasley at 2013 Miami International Auto Show luncheon

Terry Jackson's widow Marjie Lambert and SAMA founding member/former president Paul Borden present the annual Terry Jackson Award to automotive journalist Ron Beasley at 2013 Miami International Auto Show luncheon. The award is named for the late automotive journalist, Terry Jackson, and recognizes a member for outstanding service to SAMA and for contributions to the auto industry in South Florida. Beasley is the auto editor for the Miami Community Newspapers. Borden is a previous winner of the award.

Historic Sportscar Racing LTD (HSR), in association with the Historic Motor Sports Association (HMSA) and Vintage Racing Events (VRE), will stage the first 24-Hour Endurance Race for historic race cars in North America at the Daytona International Speedway Nov. 12-16, 2014. . . .The Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance will honor Jochen Mass during four days of classy events and classy cars on display March 6 to 9. The full schedule is available at


The Annual Urban Wheel Awards produced by Decisive Media and presented by Decisive founder and president Randi Payton, has grown in 18 years to be the grandest gala ofUrban Wheel Awards Pioneer Of The Year: Leon C. Richardson, President & CEO, CHEMICOMAYS all the events surrounding the NAIAS. As the Official "Multicultural Event" of the North American International Auto Show, the awards promote global awareness in all segments of the auto industry. Winners included, Pioneer Of The Year: Leon C. Richardson, Chairman, National Association of Black Suppliers; Company of the Year: Toyota; and Executive of The Year: Jose Munoz, Nissan Executive Vice President And Chairman, North America Region. Click here for a complete list of winners.


The "mutually inconvenient" spot for MPG's monthly luncheon, The Proud Bird, is no longer available to the group, through no fault of its own. On the other hand, they returned to their old Willow Springs haunt for their annual Track Days and, apparently will remain there for a while. . . Top prizes in MPG's annual Dean Batchelor awards dinner went to Peter Brock for his book: "Corvette Sting Ray: Genesis of an American Icon;" Harold Osmer and Harry Pallenberg for their film "Where They Raced: Speed Demons in the City of Angels;" Bob Chapman for his still photo of "a Porsche GT through the trees as a fresh example of a competitor at speed;" and Robert Cumberford for his Automobile Magazine article, "GM's Road Not Taken."

A serious ad for a technical writer in the January issue of MPG's MilePost newsletter is too long and detailed to run here. For more information go to  . . . .Further up the West Coast, the "San Francisco adjacent" Blackhawk Museum is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a year–long schedule of Sunday-morning "Cars and Coffee" klatches, special vehicle displays, guest speakers, music at the museum concerts and tours, including the Monaco Historic Races and start of the Mille Miglia. More information is available at: .


His Auto Journalist Association of Canada (AJAC) colleagues named Michel Crépault of L'annuel de l'automobile and Auto Passion magazine the Automotive Journalist of the Year (2013). The award is presented annually by Jaguar Land Rover Canada.


lane changes

Joe Tetherow decided, "40 years of auto PR was enough" and voluntarily retired from Toyota shortly after our last AWCOM issue was published. A founding member of the Motor Press Guild, he was fortunate enough to have spent all those years in his native Los Angeles basin, separating two stints with Toyota by serving as Chrysler's West Coast PR manager from the mid-'70s through most of the exciting Iacocca era. He says he will miss "the thousands of friends I made during those 40 years," but has no plans for the future other than to walk his dogs, sit back and relax.

Dave KileyDavid Kiley is now Editor-in-Chief of New Roads Publishing. His contact information remains the same: . . . Sharon Carty succeeds Kiley as editor in chief of AOL Autos and its sister outlet Autoblog. Her email is . . . "Christy" George, autos and environment producer for Oregon Public Broadcasting can be reached at:  . . . Email for "Dar" Hawthorne, West Coast Editor of Dragracing Online Magazine, is: . . . . CarLab director of marketing Matthew MarcheseMatthew Marchese's email is: . . . Jeff Leestma's email is: . . Wallace Wyss, photojournalist and author can be reached at: and Ed Kiggins, creative director for AAA World Magazine, is reachable at: . . . Susan Carpenter has departedSusan Carpenterthe LA Times features department to become the auto moto critic (Sic) for the Orange County Register and LA Register daily newspapers. Her email address is:  . . .Race Central radio and television host Kurt Hansen, has partnered with Mile High Sports Radio, a National Yahoo Sports Radio Affiliate and can now be heard Fridays on ESPN Radio AM 1580 Colorado Springs from 6-8 pm MST.


- 30-

Glenn Campbell, Owner, Publisher

Glenn F. Campbell

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Kjell Qvale – Energetic auto retailer who led the foreign car boom in the U.S. and founder of what is now Qvale Automotive Group with numerous dealerships in California and Florida. For more on this charismatic businessman, check out: Lunches With Mr. Q: An Auto Industry Titan on Business, Life and Sports Car Dreams, by award-winning author Kevin Nelson.

Frank Wylie – A 30-year man at Chrysler, he "Mothered" the company's product PR team from the '60s until 1979 when he began a second career, teaching PR at Cal State Long Beach for more than a decade.

Andy Granatelli –An inventive, aggressive promoter whose cars won two Indianapolis 500's, four NASCAR championships and set land-speed records. Best known for lifting annual sales of STP from $2 million to $100 million in less than a decade.

Doug Guthrie –Detroit News auto critic of whom his colleague, Daniel Howes wrote, "Here was a car nut and a dogged reporter, a nice guy and a hard worker, a student of the auto industry and a teacher of his journalistic craft."

Eric Grant ­- SEMA's first executive director who opened SEMA to the entire range of aftermarket businesses, from manufacturers to distributors and from retailers to service providers.

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GPS In Cars


Following in the tire tracks of this pronouncement and retraction by Farley and Ford about being tracked while we drive, two days ago CNN reported that GPS units in current cars store tracking data for up to seven years.

One of the people interviewed by CNN was M/T editor Ed Loh who said he saw no problem with this invasion of privacy because the gov't was too incompetent to create an Obamacare website so they wouldn't know what to do with the collected GPS data.

My response to that outlandish answer is to suggest everyone cancel his or her subscription to Motor Trend. Immediately. I can't imagine how anyone can equate incompetency with our right to privacy.

John Dinkel

PIN It Down Please

I was reading an article about vonDutch in a newspaper by Jason Stein and I recently purchased a 1963 Chevy c10 and it has a lot of pin striping on it and on the hood is the signature of vonDutch. This truck is originally from California. How do I find out if this is authentic? Can anyone there help??? I would really appreciate any help I can get!


Patricia Hibbs

Diesel Resurgence


Just wanted to add a footnote or two to Mac's pretty positive article on the resurgence of diesel.

The Chevy Cruze is EPA certified at 46 mpg highway, although knowing diesels that 49 is readily achievable. And selling pretty well already.

BMW phased out the more thirsty I-6 diesel in favor a four-cylinder model for the 2014 328d and is also adding a 5-Series diesel for the first time in the US so I wouldn't say their "reservations" are too great. The X5 diesel continues to sell well in addition.

Audi of course is adding four new diesels this year. Mazda will introduce a Skyactiv-D diesel Mazda6 later this year.

My friends at Robert Bosch tell me they are working on several more upcoming US diesels that haven't been announced. Chrysler will introduce (or reintroduce) a diesel version of the Grand Cherokee shortly and a Ram 1500 diesel before the end of the year.

Finally, I would hardly characterize diesel fuel as "hard-to-get" since it's found at fully 50% of the stations in the country.

I would wager it's going to do just fine with or without a salute from the president (although he says he remains a champion of the "all of the above" approach which definitely should include more clean, powerful, fuel efficient diesels.

Michael Coates
Senior Editor
Clean Fleet Report
Treasurer/Board Member
Western Automotive Journalists
17345 Grosvenor Court
Monte Sereno, CA 95030

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

I just came across this one that may be of interest: Taxi for Wheelchairs

By the way, that piece by Chris Raymond? Proof that 3 years ago when I was first impressed with his writing, he was just beginning to be a terrific auto writer.

Great newsletter as always!


Honda "Hands" Commercial

Have you seen this, Glenn? It's one of the best corporate commercials I have seen.

Ron Beasley


Hi Glenn,

Thanks for mentioning Automotive News' two newest employees in the July newsletters. You may want to correct the information. It's Omari Gardner (not Omar) and his title has a slash in it: news/copy editor. Shiraz's last name is Ahmed (not Ahmend). Thanks and I enjoy your newsletter,

Mary Beth
Mary Beth Vander Schaaf
Deputy Managing Editor
Automotive News
Crain Communications
Office 313.446.0363


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